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FDA approves focused ultrasound for Parkinson's disease
Incisionless surgery into skull, utilizes sound waves for treatment
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Former Texas nurse may face death penalty for murdering four patients
Found guilty of injecting air into them following heart surgeries
EEG approach may hold key to early Alzheimer's diagnosis
Passively measures brain activity, records small, subtle changes in brain waves
Deep learning approach almost 100% accurate in detecting signs of Alzheimer's
Using functional MR to distinguish from mild cognitive impairment
Elekta acquires Turkish distributor to increase regional market presence
Turkey ranks 12th globally for brain and central nervous system cancers
New AI model diagnoses dementia in one single scan
May allow for earlier diagnosis and intervention with better patient outcomes
Dementia cases to triple by 2050 globally
Smoking, high BMI and high blood sugar will add 6.8 million more cases
Ultra-compact PET system yields promising results in clinical trial
Allows patients to undergo functional brain imaging while sitting up
Industry grapples with efficacy, cost questions for new Alzheimer's treatments
Biogen's Aduhelm drug brings a new hope to patients, but risk and benefit unknowns remain
New 'super-resolution' technique improves brain PET imaging
Using head motion to enhance visualization, rather than detract from it
FieldLine launches MEG brain imaging system
Helps diagnose Alzheimer's, PTSD and various mental health disorders
Indiana hospital invests $325 million in expansion projects
Will build a second location for women's health, a new brain and spine hospital, and a new parking garage
GE gets FDA nod for AIR Recon DL on 7T MR scanner
Enabling faster scans with sharper, less noisy images
7 Tesla MR reveals potential biomarker for early Alzheimer's detection
Shows deficiencies in consumption and reserve of energy metabolism in the brain
Aetna first to cover MR-guided focused ultrasound for essential tremor
The condition is estimated to affect 10 million Americans
New AI model identifies 'likely abnormal' findings on brain MR scans
Can help radiologists to triage cases and speed up care for those most in need
Lung CT and brain MR could help predict COVID-19-related neurological conditions in advance
Physicians may be able to predict severity of condition and prescribe treatment early on
New X-ray technique estimates amyloid buildup in Alzheimer's disease
The method is expected to provide more information on disease progression and treatment