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Three ways radiology departments can improve operations in 2021
Insights from Jeremy Simon, head of Dunlee's OEM Commercial activities in North America, and Jerry Carlson, product support manager for Dunlee
Fewer LDCT lung cancer screenings during COVID-19 associated with increased malignancies
Patients with suspected lung cancer increased from 8% before COVID to 29% after
The 10 biggest CT stories of 2020
From cancer screening to improved protocols, CT news in 2020 was mainly about utilization
Unprotected servers leave more than 45 million medical images accessible online
The images contain sensitive information of patients in 67 countries
President-elect Joe Biden undergoes CT scan for hairline fractures to foot
Biden injured his foot when he slipped over Thanksgiving weekend
New technique produces self-learning algorithms for medical imaging
The technique enables users with little to no specialist knowledge to configure self-learning algorithms
Thorough sanitization and PPE are essential for curbing asymptomatic COVID transmission
Asymptomatic patients could go to hospital and transmit infection
Radiology editorial board highlights top research papers of 2020
Many papers focus not just on COVID-19 but other issues investigated by the medical imaging community
Critical vulnerability makes GE radiological devices vulnerable to hacking
The vulnerability lies in the default passwords of GE's product management software
Neuroradiologist outlines plan to improve global healthcare at RSNA
Most of the world still lacks access to radiology services
United Imaging launches AI-empowered 640-slice, 82-cm bore CT at RSNA
uCT ATLAS uses AI to lower dose, position patients accurately and reconstruct images rapidly for clinical use
GE showcases new 3D C-arm technology among other new solutions at RSNA
OEC 3D provides surgeons with 2D and 3D view of a patient's anatomy
Canon partners with Glassbeam for diagnostic imaging service analytics
Clinsights platform will manage fleets of Canon MR, CT and Vascular lab solutions
GE acquires Prismatic Sensors
GE will use Deep Silicon detector technology for photon counting CT
The promise of spectral photon-counting CT (SPCCT)
Researchers in France explore the advantages of imaging in color
Low-dose CT utilized by only one in 20 eligible adults for lung screening
Usage correlates with cancer burden and sociodemographic factors
SCCT issues new guidance on cardiovascular CT training
Guideline will create a uniform level of competency among radiology and cardiology trainees
Low-dose CT identifies osteoporosis in cancer screenings
Low-dose CT could be used as an alternative to standard DXA scans for osteoporosis detection

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