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DOTmed Stats is a snapshot of all the activity generated by the more than 22,000 healthcare industry professionals who visit our site every day.

如果您认为拍卖,列出设备,升级您的目录或者做广告 DOTmed, DOTmed Stats给您一个无价的观点入我们提供的巨大营销潜力。

DOTmed User Sessions

DOTmed.com consistently has over 50,000 page views each weekday. Many of our visitors check the site multiple times per day for new listings.

DOTmed Users by Country

当多数 DOTmed 用户来自美国时,几乎25%我们的登记的用户是从其他国家。 国际味道 DOTmed 打开您的事务由新您也许否则错过的市场和机会决定。