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Westchester Medical Center installs Philips Spectral CT 7500 scanner
Uses spectral data to improve disease characterization, reduce re-scans
Canon Medical Showcases its Online Parts Solution - Medical Marketplace

Medical Marketplace - Your online store for medical imaging parts. Canon Made For Life.

New lung cancer screening guidelines to boost eligibility by nearly 54%
Opens access to a greater percentage of women, ethnic/racial minorities, lower socioeconomic status individuals
Lessons from the pandemic: How embracing AI can revolutionize healthcare
Insights from Dr. Charley Taylor, co-founder and chief technology officer at HeartFlow Inc.
Follow-ups to free cancer screenings may cost hundreds for patients: study
Avoiding follow-up testing can lead to hundreds in medical costs later
Considerations before a radiation shielding project
Whether you’re installing, updating, or just doing preventative maintenance on your shield, make sure you do it right
Creating value from healthcare big data requires investing in essential human capital, not just machines and technology
Switching the narrative from 'artificial intelligence' to 'decision intelligence' is critical for directing healthcare’s digital transformation, writes Dr. Moira Schieke, founder and CEO of Cubismi
The next generation in CT technology
CT technology continues to get faster, smarter and safer
Coding and compliance tips and traps
How radiology administrators can keep in line with regulatory practices and charge capture for performed services
Siemens gets first FDA clearance for photon-counting CT in US
First clearance for advancement in CT in nearly a decade
GE launches fixed digital X-ray system, Definium Tempo
Designed to reduce burdens on radiologists and technologists
New Penn State Health hospital to start seeing patients on Friday
Will offer 24/7 emergency care, medical imaging, lab services, surgical care, delivery and labor
Volpara Health partners with RevealDx for early lung cancer detection
Will together reduce waiting times for follow-up scans and false positives
GE Healthcare unveils Revolution Ascend CT system
Equipped with AI applications for operational efficiency and patient comfort
Global CT market to hit $6.14 billion by 2025
Driven by higher demand for mid- and high-end CT scanners
Canon to acquire chipmaker Redlen Technologies for $270 million
Will use chip technology to develop photon-counting CT scanners
Mobile stroke units offer better outcomes for stroke patients: study
Death rates were 9% for MSU patients, 12% for EMS patients
Canon enters photon-counting CT partnerships in Japan
Imaging approach enhances image quality, lowers dose exposure compared to conventional CT

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Radiography market focuses on value in the COVID-19 era

Latest systems offer tube head cameras and intuitive touchscreen displays

Where imaging AI is headed, and the best way to get there

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