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Over 400 Total Lots Up For Auction at Two Locations - NJ 05/24, CA 05/28


National Imaging Solutions acquires DynaRad
Obtains range of portable X-ray systems, including Micro-X Rover with nanotube tech
Siemens unveils its fastest, single-source CT scanner, Somatom X.ceed
Somatom X.ceed is designed to simplify procedures in challenging clinical areas
Lean management decreases CT acquisition length, saves on exam time
Lean management is designed to improve quality and profitability of company production processes
Building new workflows with imaging informatics
As silos come down and imaging reaches across the enterprise, make sure you’ve got the right leaders at the table
Imaging bone fragments suggests higher cancer rate in medieval England than commonly thought
Researchers estimate 9% to 14% of adults in medieval England had cancer at the time of death
Shortage of nearly 2,000 radiologists hinders care in UK
A shortage of 3,613 radiology consultants is predicted in 2025
C-arms move into 3D, guided by touchscreens, AI
A look around at the latest solutions entering the market
RaySearch to distribute Canon CT and PET/CT solutions in the U.S.
Will offer a combined medical imaging and radiation oncology portfolio
Nanox single-source digital X-ray gets FDA 510(k) clearance
Nanox.Arc poised to be less expensive than conventional X-ray systems
Coal miner chest X-ray readings vulnerable to financial bias
Readers hired by employers more likely to be biased due to financial incentives
Lung CT and brain MR could help predict COVID-19-related neurological conditions in advance
Physicians may be able to predict severity of condition and prescribe treatment early on
USPSTF lowers age, expands access to lung cancer screening
Recommendation is expected to nearly double the number of people eligible for LCS
Lunit AI to be deployed in Philips X-ray systems
The solution can detect 10 common issues in a patient from their chest X-rays
Pyrus to streamline distribution of RP Canon's medical imaging portfolio
Will manage the internal processes of CT, MR and ultrasound systems worldwide
GE Healthcare in search of buyer for Waukesha campus
Plans to move operations to West Milwaukee and Wauwatosa facilities
Cutting edge imaging technology provides new insights into schizophrenia
Imaging neurons and blood vessels in 3D with synchrotron radiation nanotomography

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