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Cyber Security

Philips debuts vendor-neutral cybersecurity solution at virtual RSNA
Part of a collaboration with CyberMDX, a connected medical device security company
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Cyberattacks on health systems expected to triple in 2021
Key takeaways from Black Book's latest State of the Healthcare Cybersecurity Industry report
Aetna to pay $1 million settlement over potential HIPAA violations
Allegedly exposed private patient information on three separate occasions
Imminent cyberthreat could disrupt hundreds of US healthcare systems
Ransomware could hold data hostage in exchange for more than $10 million per target
Massive cyberattack at Universal Health Services upends clinical, financial operations
Likely one of the largest medical cyberattacks in U.S. history
Fallout from hospital cybersecurity attack leads to patient death in Germany
With IT systems down, patient data unavailable for providing care for life-threatening condition
Stolen briefcase contained personal information of over 4,000 cancer patients
Unencrypted USB drives stolen from Moffitt Cancer Center doctor's car
Data breach potentially compromises data of 46,000 veterans
Unauthorized user hacked online application to divert healthcare payments
About 56,000 records hacked at Northwestern Memorial HealthCare system
Donors and patients have been notified that their personal records were accessed during a data breach
AI technique helps medical devices avoid abiding by cyberattack commands
Could protect against over-radiation, manipulation of device components, functional manipulation of images
UnityPoint Health settles lawsuit regarding data breaches
Thousands of patients could receive up to $7,000
UCSF pays ransom of $1.14 million to online hackers
Encrypted servers and data important to medical academic work
Healthcare cybersecurity in a post-pandemic world
Insights from Axel Wirth, chief security strategist for MedCrypt
Reviewing some of the key considerations for cyber insurance
Cyber claims are becoming routine as security concerns have proved to be a permanent business threat
Tips for ensuring the cybersecurity of PACS
With over 55% of imaging devices currently running outdated versions of Windows, PACS are a common entry point for bad actors
COVID responders attacked by state-sponsored hackers: UK, US report
Alarm raised in direct response to Chinese, Iranian, and Russian-linked attempts
Information for about 112,000 exposed in data breach at Beaumont Health
Some included back account info, SSNs, driver's license numbers, diagnoses
Staying vigilant on device cybersecurity during times of crisis and planning for the future
Insights from Axel Wirth, chief security strategist with MedCrypt