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Tips for ensuring the cybersecurity of PACS
With over 55% of imaging devices currently running outdated versions of Windows, PACS are a common entry point for bad actors
New animation highlights TechGate Automated Caution Barrier for MR safety

The TechGate Auto - MRI Caution Barrier solution from Aegys provides superior MR room access warning that doesn't require manual deployment by staff.

The genesis and evolution of Systems Integration in the OR
Seeing it all, all at once - Insights from Devon Bream, global vice president of endoscopy and general manager of systems integration at FUJIFILM Medical Systems
Keeping your organization connected while working remotely
Insights from Ryan Bullock, chief operating officer of Aeroflow Healthcare
Three tips for provider offices to improve their financial health during the COVID-19 downturn
Insights from Nicki Hemminger, senior manager of provider services operations for Availity
Stroke assessment down by close to 40% during COVID-19
Findings raise concerns regarding risks of death or long-term disability for patients
How healthcare executives can balance access and protection for critical patient data management
Insights from Erin Benson, senior director of market planning for LexisNexis Risk Solutions, Health Care
Why backend IT is crucial in the fight against COVID-19
Insights from Roger Sands, co-founder and CEO of Wyebot
Using cancer imaging software to identify COVID-19 in medical images
Zero footprint program can be run on any web browser
US providers anticipate pay cuts due to pandemic, lack mental health resources
Fifty-six percent concerned for own health and safety
Information for about 112,000 exposed in data breach at Beaumont Health
Some included back account info, SSNs, driver's license numbers, diagnoses
How will the healthcare industry be different in a post-pandemic world?
Expert analysts point to virtual care and telemedicine, supply chain optimization, and more
Staying vigilant on device cybersecurity during times of crisis and planning for the future
Insights from Axel Wirth, chief security strategist with MedCrypt
GE deploys software solution for monitoring COVID-19 patients
Identifies patients at risk of deterioration or who require intervention
COVID-19 increases vulnerability of hospitals to ransomware, says Microsoft
Brought on by employees working remotely during pandemic
Five facts about mobile diagnostic reading in radiology
Insights from William Pan, CEO of EBM Technologies
What an EHR troubleshooter knows
Insights from Ann Crow, a senior client support executive with IT solutions consultancy CTG
Over 80% of medical imaging devices lack supported operating systems
Puts them at heightened risk of cyberattacks

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