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Walmart to acquire telehealth provider MeMD
Will offer customers nationwide access to virtual urgent, behavioral and primary care
Engaging patients where they are during COVID-19
Insights from John Talaga, executive vice president for healthcare at Flywire
Building new workflows with imaging informatics
As silos come down and imaging reaches across the enterprise, make sure you’ve got the right leaders at the table
Healthcare leaders adopt strategies to increase EHR interoperability
Insights from Josh Hetler, executive vice president for business intelligence at DataLink
How social determinants of health can enable value-based care
Insights from Rahul Sharma, CEO of HSBlox
RTLS data across the healthcare enterprise
Insights from Christopher Thompson, director of clinical transformation at CenTrak
Weekend cyberattack continues to keep Scripps Health offline
Not specified which systems were affected or how the attack occurred
Although the COVID-19 vaccine gets all the headlines, the world will always need rapid tests
Insights from Ron Chiarello, founder and CEO of Alveo Technologies
How Regenstrief Institute created an emergency EMR in one week
Designed to help Indianapolis providers should COVID-19 numbers become overwhelming
Evernorth acquires MDLIVE
Will add virtual visits from home to Evernorth's healthcare portfolio, lower cost of care
FDA says goodbye PACS, hello MIMPS
Regulatory classification now refers to 'medical image management and processing systems'
RaySearch to distribute Canon CT and PET/CT solutions in the U.S.
Will offer a combined medical imaging and radiation oncology portfolio
Mayo Clinic launches two new companies
One will develop AI algorithms, the other will connect data to AI algorithms to collect diagnostic insights
The digitization of healthcare — what about the back office?
Insights from Vijay Ramnathan, president of MineralTree
Philips and Ibex partner to support pathology diagnostics
Targeting improved workflow and productivity, faster and more accurate diagnoses
Microsoft buys Nuance for $19.7 billion
Will integrate speech recognition technology with Microsoft Cloud solutions
Data and evidence anchor healthcare’s financial renaissance
Insights from Dr. John Cherf, chief medical officer at Lumere
COVID-19 pandemic leaves the healthcare industry a target for fake news
Insights from Dan Brahmy, co-founder and CEO of Cyabra

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