Medical Equipment Industry News


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Handheld and portable systems proving useful in evaluating lung and cardiac complications
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Experts discuss the pros and cons of a valuable tool in the pediatric imaging tool kit
Imaging utilization to drop more than 50% over three or four months: report
After COVID-19, radiology may never be the same again
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Helps draw blood, inserts catheters, outperforms clinicians in certain tasks
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Insights from Jyoti Gera, general manager for primary & affordable care at GE Healthcare
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Caption Guidance from Caption Health can 'guide' practitioners through image capture
Leading manufacturers lend support to Chinese hospitals in coronavirus epidemic
Donating scanners, respiratory equipment, monitors
Point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) oversight and safety
Fujifilm's Diku Mandavia discusses how providers can partner with accountable vendors to address concerns voiced by the ECRI Institute
Astronaut with blood clot in space prescribed treatment via ultrasound
Performed exam on his own neck for remote interpretation
Fujifilm in talks to acquire Hitachi's medical imaging business
Would enable it to compete with larger players in the market
Ten former NFL players indicted for nearly $4 million in false claims
Made claims over use of equipment, including ultrasound
Audit of VA uncovers over 100,000 canceled and delayed imaging orders
Due to backlogs and mismanagement of guidelines
ContextVision debuts ultrasound image enhancement product
Stronger processing without compromising images or introducing artifacts
Will focused ultrasound play a critical role in treating Alzheimer's disease?
Crossing the blood brain barrier to deliver effective therapy at RSNA
Making a difference in Africa with ultrasound access
Discussing Imaging the World's mission with its president and co-founder