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Prostate tumors 'frequently' undersized with MR imaging
Underestimation of prostate tumor size can prevent successful treatment
New insight on MR safety implications when imaging bullet wounds
Using X-ray and CT to better understand composition of unidentified ballistic fragments
Using MR to predict PTSD after brain injury
Brain volume measurement may provide early biomarker
Four reasons Tampa General added portable MR
Provides unique advantages for treating COVID-19 patients
The 10 biggest MR stories of 2020
No advanced imaging modality is tapping into new potential more than MR
FDA greenlights Compressed SPEEDER 3D for Canon's Vantage Orian 1.5T MR
Compressed SPEEDER 3D makes scans twice as fast
New technique produces self-learning algorithms for medical imaging
The technique enables users with little to no specialist knowledge to configure self-learning algorithms
Low-cost, portable scanner extends MR availability for brain imaging
The scanner can be installed in ambulances, small clinics, doctors' offices, and wheeled into patient rooms
Radiology editorial board highlights top research papers of 2020
Many papers focus not just on COVID-19 but other issues investigated by the medical imaging community
MR scan burns patient with facemask, FDA issues warning
Masks made of metal can cause radio-frequency-induced heat that can burn a patient during an MR scan
Critical vulnerability makes GE radiological devices vulnerable to hacking
The vulnerability lies in the default passwords of GE's product management software
Neuroradiologist outlines plan to improve global healthcare at RSNA
Most of the world still lacks access to radiology services
Canon partners with Glassbeam for diagnostic imaging service analytics
Clinsights platform will manage fleets of Canon MR, CT and Vascular lab solutions
Siemens previews 0.55T MR requiring under 0.7 liters of helium and no quench pipe
Magnetom Free.Max will be the company's smallest, most lightweight whole-body MR scanner
Hyperfine to research role of portable MR in mitigating infant brain injury
Deploying Swoop in low-income countries with $1.6 million grant from Gates Foundation
FDA gives nod to GE's SIGNA 7T MR scanner
The SIGNA 7T MR system is the most powerful FDA-cleared MR system to date
In MR: Less acoustic noise, better patient experience
Researchers find it allowed patients to hear their headphones better
Digirad to sell DMS Health for over $18 million
DMS Health Technologies provides contract diagnostic imaging through a mobile service

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