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DOTmed is the world's leading public trading platform for medical equipment, parts and services. An industry-leading 22,000-plus visitors come to DOTmed every weekday to shop for and buy what they need — and up to 90% of them are healthcare providers and end-users. We also reach out to our more than 325,000 registered users through our news, emails and equipment alerts. Our media rates are very competitive and we deliver the demographics you need - decision makers with purchasing power.

DOTmed 为引起直接销售提供各种各样的媒介选择为一切从品牌修造。 发现为您最好运作的媒介产品,然后让我们协助您在开发将帮助符合您的营销需要和预算宗旨的节目。 请与我们联系在212-742-1200 x 237。 电子邮件: sales@dotmed.com

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Classified Equipment & Parts Listings - Select from over 500 Equipment & Parts Categories on DOTmed - you can list your equipment for free, or choose one of our "Good, Better, Best" Upgrade Options for maximum visibility and sales.

Buy Now Powered Listings - Have a "Buy Now" button in your DOTmed Listings powered by PayPal or Stripe. Buyer's can purchase directly from your DOTmed listing page when you have "Buy Now" buttons activated.

Featured Listings - Sell your product faster! - utilize this premium listing location for greater search-ability.

Blue Book Price Guide - Offered only to the Premium, Enterprise and Ultimate Package holder the Blue Book gives you access to a database of over 32,000 successfully sold items (more added every day).

Targeted Text Ads - One of our most popular ad options -- advertise within our more than 500 main Equipment Category Listings and enjoy absolutely precise, on-target efficiency. Check your number of 'views' and 'clicks' online anytime!

Elite Upgrade Packages - If you're committed to growing your company and your sales, one of these Elite Level Packages will give you the online functionality you want. The Enterprise Package is a great way to maximize your DOTmed presence and take advantage of all DOTmed has to offer. The Ultimate Package is for next-level listing and company management.

真正商业展览摊 - VTS是开放24/7/365并且让您做一个完全介绍您的产品和服务。 您能也以您的销售人为特色,张贴公司录影或产品录影,并且做much more与我们的无限页。 把新的远景变成持久的营业关系网络。

Website Service - Host a website on DOTmed.com and have your DOTmed listings automatically update on your website and on DOTmed. Your website will be indexed by google and follow the newest SEO practices.

摩天大楼Ads在主要设备&零件页 - DOTmed's Equipment & Parts pages are an advertiser's dream: they deliver an audience of serious equipment shoppers - and that audience is buying exactly what you sell. It's where the more than 22,000 daily visitors to DOTmed go, and Google sends thousands of people to these pages every day, all day long.

摩天大楼Ads在真正商业展览 - DOTmed‘s真正商业展览和设备指南包含在它里面是了不起的广告的价值。 他们搭载想要严肃的设备顾客的头等观众什么您卖。 我们的设备指南在网上任何地方是最完全的目录为医疗设备,并且它的质量内容吸引您想要到达的这顾客。

DOTmed WebStores - If you list multiple items on DOTmed, open a low-cost WebStore and let Buyers see all your listings at once - it's easy to email too!

OEM New Product Listings & OEM WebStores - We give OEM listings a unique design that makes them stand out in front of our more than 22,000 visitors each weekday, many of whom are buyers from hospitals. Add an OEM WebStore and you have a complete cross-selling presentation.

Leaderboard Banner Ads Dominate any equipment category and build your brand.

生气蓬勃&静态横幅Ads-横幅ads始终是可利用的在许多地点 DOTmed 和我们的网上新闻,并且他们使您销售的消息动态,高效率和有效。

Mobile Banner Ads - Mobile Banner ads are available in numerous locations throughout DOTmed's Mobile site. Target users who are in 'buy now' mode on their mobile phones.

HCBN Homepage & News Slider - This online and print placement includes your ad on DOTmed's homepage, DOTmed News Homepage, News Silo pages and within Healthcare Business News magazine.

Resource Guide Homepage Slider - This combination of online and print placement includes your ad on DOTmed's homepage and within Healthcare Business News magazine.

Hosted Auction Event - Use DOTmed's auction platform to reach our qualified medical equipment buyers. You provide the inventory and DOTmed provides the platform and marketing for your auction event. All bidders are pre approved and registered users.

Virtual Auction Houses(Non Bidding) - If you auction medical equipment - in a brick & mortar setting or online - you can leverage DOTmed's unequalled industry traffic of 22,000-plus daily visitors by opening a DOTmed Virtual Auction House (VAH).


目标文本Ads -这个选择在生物医学的工程师频繁地参观的这个普遍的论坛让您做广告为$75到$100每个月 -- 根据类别您选择。

生气蓬勃的显示Ads -这些赋予生命的ads有高可见性并且是正义$500/month,但空间是有限的。

由主办的岗位 -适应对登广告者通入的需要对这个区域和作为选择对显示ads,您能利用我们由主办的论坛投稿选择。

在 DOTmed 网上新闻

网上新闻Ads -三个广告选择包括每预算。 在有美满直接地与您的事务有关和被认出作为工业部门领导的故事之内做广告。

Weekly Emailed News Ads - Put your Banner Ad or Text Ad on the Front Page of our Emailed News and get seen by approximately 42,000 potential customers each week. E-Advertorials start on the Front Page and expand to any length you want.

Weekly Emailed Euro News Ads - Put your Banner Ad or Text Ad on the Front Page of our Emailed Euro News and get seen by more than 6,000 customers in Europe each week. E-Advertorials start on the Front Page and expand to any length you want.

E-Advertorials -- 网上Advertorials 当 DOTmed 您想要在网上时,讲一个大营销故事- E-Advertorials是您的最佳的选择。 他们也来以永久归档的力量,做他们永久价值。

Video Advertorials - Use DOTmed's news audience to promote your company or product video. Receive a custom landing page within DOTmed's online news and a 300x250 banner promoting your video.


商业展览预览电子邮件疾风 -预览您新的设备和服务并且驾驶交通到您的内部预映摊。

被发电子邮件的设备戒备 - 30,000名 DOTmed 用户opt在得到每周设备戒备,因此那些用户将打开这些电子邮件并且副词看见您。

Stand Alone Email - Want to reach a specific audience with full share of voice? Send a sponsored email through DOTmed to a specified target group to get your message across.


DOTmed HealthCare Business News Magazine - With a circulation of over 26,000 healthcare providers, HealthCare Business News magazine reaches virtually every hospital and imaging center in the USA.

HCBN Magazine Resource Guide - Advertise in print and online with a Resource Guide combo plan. Appear in every issue of HealthCare Business News magazine and appear on DOTmed.com's home page.

HCBN Magazine Sponsored Content -Let DOTmed's news team create an informative piece about your company, products or your services. Reach thousands of readers in print and online with your custom content.

DOTmed Equipment Classifieds - Medical equipment available now printed up in an easy to read classified format and sent to the most active buyers on DOTmed.com. Feature your top items and reach an engaged audience of buyers every month. You pick which equipment to show and buyers can easily look up your products on DOTmed.com.

DOTmed Annual Buyer's Guide - This is the Industry Standard that keeps your company in front of your customers year round. 25,000 copies mailed to hospitals and healthcare facilities nationwide and another 2,500+ distributed at major trade shows.

HCBN Sponsored Sidebar - Get your specific message across within the matching editorial content that means the most to your readers.

DHCBN 循环由BPA,中性核实了第三方。


电力用户折扣 -给自己更多轰隆为您的大型装配架。 询问我们关于特别包裹您的事务。

Self-Managed 拍卖 -这些是象超级优质目录,因为所有 Self-Managed 和 Full-Service 拍卖得到优先权安置在每个目录类别上面。 买家在所有 Self-Managed 被升级的目录之前首先将看您的拍卖。

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