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Here you'll find insider perspectives from thought leaders in the health care industry on the most important issues and events of the day. For DOTmed HCB News, Voices is a place where candid opinions take the form of interviews, contributed content, and our company president's ongoing Jacobus Report.
The future of health IT efficiency
Insights from Michael Morgan, CEO of Updox
Q&A with Brett Lee, president of Texas Health Frisco
Building up the culture and capabilities of a new team in a new hospital
Discussing best practices for patching legacy medical technology, and the unique challenges of smaller devices
Q&A with Sagar Patel, cybersecurity software engineer at Battelle Memorial Institute
Discussing the role of proton therapy and the importance of the National Association for Proton Therapy (NAPT)
Q&A with Abram Gordon, executive director of the Cincinnati Children's Pediatric Center
Clinicians need functional EHRs, not flash
Insights from David Lareau, chief executive officer of Medicomp Systems
How health tech can be tried and trusted
Insights from Risa Ravitz, founder of Modern Migraine MD
Communication breakdowns are taking a huge toll on doctors, patients and our healthcare system
Insights from Linda Fischer, vice president of product strategy at DrFirst
Want to improve patient relationships? Let them express their preferences
Insights from Jeff Jarvis, senior vice president of Strategy & Consulting at PossibleNOW
Five facts about mobile diagnostic reading in radiology
Insights from William Pan, CEO of EBM Technologies
How the DOTmed staff is dealing with the coronavirus
The Jacobus Report
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