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Didage Sales Company, Inc.

Kim Hensley, Sales
DOTmed user since October 2007

907 S 325 E
Warsaw, IN 46582 USA
Phone: +1 (574) 268-9098
Kim Hensley, Sales
Phone:+1 (574) 268-9098

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MIDMARK RITTER 75L Exam Chair For Sale

Midmark Ritter 75-L Procedural Exam Chair Each Chair is Refurbished to order with custom paint and upolstry options. Call for details.... view more

November 25  

MIZUHO OSI Ovation Orthopedic Table For Sale

Mizuho OSI Ovation Fracture Table Includes: Well Leg Support Perineal Post Anesthesia Screen Traction Boots Arm Boards Accessory Cart Call for Details... view more

November 25  

ALLEN MEDICAL Lift Assist Beach Chair For Sale

Allen Lift Assist Beach Chair Call for... view more

November 25  

MIZUHO OSI Schlein Beach Chair For Sale

Mizuho OSI Schlein Beach Chair Telescoping Head Rest Call for details.... view more

November 25  

STRYKER CORE Stryker Core Power System For Sale

Stryker CORE Power Set Set includes: Stryker 5400-99 CORE Universal Driver Stryker 5400-15 CORE Micro Drill Stryker 5400-31 CORE Oscillating Saw Stryker 5400-34 CORE Sagittal Saw Stryker... view more

November 25  

STRYKER RemB Stryker RemB Small Bone System For Sale

Stryker RemB Power System Set includes: Stryker 6400-99 RemB Universal Driver Stryker 6400-15 RemB Micro Drill Stryker 6400-31 RemB Oscillating Saw Stryker 6400-34 RemB Sagittal Saw Stryker... view more

November 25  

ZIMMER 8801 Air Dermatome For Sale

Zimmer 8801 Air Dermatome System Set includes: Zimmer 8801 Air Dermatome Zimmer 8801-02 Universal Air Hose Zimmer 8802-01 1" Blade Guard Zimmer 8802-02 2" Blade Guard Zimmer 8802-03 3"... view more

November 25  

STRYKER CORE Sumex High Speed Spine Drill For Sale

The Stryker Sumex High Speed Drill is designed for use in Spine surgeries. This set includes: Stryker 5400-130 Sumex High Speed Drill Stryker 5100-120-450 Elite Medium Straight Attachment ... view more

November 25  

MIDMARK RITTER M9 Gen 1 Autoclave Tabletop For Sale

Small and compact, perfect for areas with limited space. Fills with the correct amount of water, and once the sterilization process is complete, the door opens automatically. Designed for use in... view more

November 25  

STERIS AMSCO V116 Steam Sterilizer Sterilizer For Sale

These sterilizers are designed for fast and efficient sterilization of heat and water-resistant materials with the same capabilities as a gravity sterilizer. The V116 per-vacuum sterilizer is... view more

November 25  

DATASCOPE Passport 2 Monitor For Sale

Intended for intrahospital use on human patients, the passport 2 comes with a color TFT LCD or monochrome display and can be mounted on a rolling stand, wall mount bracket, gas machine arm, bedrail... view more

November 25  

STRYKER 5400-50 CORE Instrument Power Console For Sale

Stryker Endoscopy offers unrivaled power and precision for Arthroscopy with the CORE console. Along with the reliable cutting performance of the Formula® line of cutters and burs, the CORE console... view more

November 25  

STRYKER 660 Stretcher For Sale

The Stryker features a 660-pound weight capacity and 31” extra wide patient surface. Big Wheel provides better mobility for the healthcare professional creating 50% less maximum startup force, 60%... view more

November 25  

STRYKER 1115 Stretcher For Sale

A platform mounted wheeled frame that is designed to support patients in a horizontal position Big Wheel allows for decreased start-up force by 50 percent and steering effort by 60 percent. Designed... view more

November 25  

STRYKER 1089 Stretcher For Sale

The Stryker 1089 Eye procedure stretcher offers the greatest head-end clearance for superior surgeon access with ample leg clearance to help facilitate surgical precision. Supports delicate surgical... view more

November 25