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WebStore for Crown Medical International, Inc.

Crown Medical International, Inc.

Gary Benitez, President
DOTmed user prior to August 2001

20-20 129th Street
Suite 3018
Beechhurst, NY 11356 USA
Phone: +1 (718) 746-3376
Gary Benitez, President
Phone:+1 (718) 746-3376

OEC 9000 C-Arm For Sale

OEC 9000 C-Arm 1991 SN 99-1154, Dual 17" Monitors, 4.5"/6"/9" Image Intensifier, 60 Image Storage, LIH Last Image Hold, Fluoro Boost, Edge Enhancement, ZOOM, Operator's Manual, 120V, 50/60Hz ... view more

February 16  

OTHER Computron CMC HLT C-Arm Table For Sale

Computro CMC-HLT Three Movement Table 2003 DOM: 2003 Voltage: 120 VAC Phase: 1 Phase Aperage: 3.5 Amp Frequency: 60 Hz SN: T162HLT... view more

February 16  

GE 2100IQ Cath Lab For Sale

innova 2100iq – tube replced 09/03/2010; 21cm flat detector -... view more

February 16  

MORGAN MEDesign ELT-M C-Arm Table For Sale

Morgan MEDesign ELT-M Table Reduced Radiation Exposure, 400 pound Distributed Weight Capacity, Trendelenburg and Lateral Tilts, Height Adjustment, Chamfered Zero-Artifact Edges, 120/204V, 50/60Hz... view more

February 16  

GE Innova 2000 Cath Lab For Sale

innova 2000 – tube replaced 02/28/2012; tirc replaced 06/05/2012; 21cm flat detector – original... view more

February 16  

SIEMENS MAGNETOM Symphony 1.5T MRI Scanner For Sale

Siemens Symphony 1.5 T MRI 1999 Tim Ugrade 2008 Short Bore, Super Conducting, Light Weight (8900), High Homogeneity 1.5 Tesla Actively Shielded, High Performance Turbo Gradient System, Digital... view more

February 16  


Undergoing a PET-MR examination Prof. Osman Ratib: "This new device, which is the first one in Europe and the second one in the world, was created by Philips Healthcare and it is the first... view more

February 16  

TREX TM 65 Rad Room For Sale

1999 Trex Medical TM-65 Rad Room Single Phase, High Frequency, Overhead Tube Crane, Linear MC-150 CollimatoR, Elevating Four Way Table, Wall Bucky, 120V, Current 1.0, Frequency... view more

February 16  
February 16  

BIOSOUND Genesis 3000 Cardiac Ultrasound For Sale

1995 Biosound Esaote Genesis 3000AP Ultrasound Cardiac Ultrasound system with collapsible cart 2.5/3.5MHz (96000-80000) Sector Probe 7.5-10MHz (96000-83000) Sector... view more

February 16  

GE Discovery 8 Slice PET/CT For Sale

GE Discovery ST PET CT Scanner 2003 8 Slice PET CT, Octane Computer, Xeleris Workstation, NEW TUBE 2010, 4 Million mAs, 4,255,478 Gantry Rotation, 70cm Wide Bore, DICOM, 3D, Available... view more

February 16  

GE AMX-3 Portable X-Ray For Sale

GE AMX 3 Portable X-Ray 1984 New Batteries, New Wheels, 50-110KVp, 300 mAs, X-Ray Tube NEW 2000, 120V, 50/60Hz... view more

February 16  

PHILIPS BV 300 C-Arm For Sale

Philips BV 300 C-Arm 1997 Dual 17" Monitors, 9" Image Intensifier, 200 Image Storage, LIH Last Image Hold, Zoom, Sharpen Function, Averaging, Negate, Digital Spot, Pulsed Fluoro, Foot Switch,... view more

February 16  

SIEMENS AXIOM Artis dBC Cath Lab For Sale

Siemens AXIOM Artis dBC Bi-Plane Cath Lab 2004 Ceiling and floor-mounted C-arms that offer exceptional positioning and quick, programmable movements, 2nd bi-plane working positioning with free... view more

February 16  

GE 5.0MHz EndoVaginal Ultrasound Transducer For Sale

GE 5.0MHz EndoVaginal Model: 46-285221 G1 SN 19997... view more

February 16