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Block Imaging

Refurbished Imaging Equipment, Parts and Service

Joshua Block, President
DOTmed user since August 2009

1845 Cedar Street
Lansing, MI 48842 USA
Phone: +1 (517) 668-8800
Joshua Block, President
Phone:+1 (517) 668-8800
Ashley Webber, Marketing Coordinator
Phone:+1 (517) 668-8800
Jason Block,
Phone:+1 (517) 668-8800
Jeremy Block, Senior Vice President
Phone:+1 (517) 668-8800
Chad Seelye, Vice President - Parts Sales
Phone:+1 (877) 621-2887
Chris Sharrock, X-ray Product Manager
Phone:+1 (517) 668-8800 x7027
Paul Crawford, CT Specialist
Phone:+1 (517) 668-8800 x1023

GE Prodigy Advance Bone Densitometer Wanted

Wanted immediately - Complete, fully functional GE Prodigy and Prodigy Advance Bone Densitometer Units.... view more

February 28  

HOLOGIC Horizon C Bone Densitometer For Sale

2013 Hologic Horizon C Dexa (A-007559) Win 7 Computer, Flat Panel Monitor, Cart APEX Software 5.5 128 detectors Regional Scans 10s Hi-Def VFA Abd Aortic Calcification Detection Atypical Fx... view more

February 28  

HOLOGIC Multicare Platinum Stereotactic Biopsy Biopsy Unit For Sale

2011 Hologic Multicare Platinum Stereotactic Biopsy Mammography [A-008482] Undertable C-Arm Assembly Total Access – 360° C-Arm rotation angle Independent Vertical C-Arm Motion – 8 inches Work Area... view more

February 28  

GE Senographe DS Stereotactic Positioner with Vertical & Lateral Adapter Kits Mammo Unit For Sale

The Stereotactic Positioner (SP) fits into the Senographe DS acquisition system when required. The SP allows accurate location of points for examination, in three dimensions. After location, biopsy... view more

February 28  

FISCHER Mammotest Stereotactic Biopsy Unit For Sale

2010 Siemens Mammotest Stereotactic Biopsy Table Mammography [A-008173] - 1024 x 1024 Pixel Format with 50μ Pixels per Side - Digitized CCD at 500 K Pixels/Second with 12-bit Contrast Resolution,... view more

February 28  

LORAD MIV Mammo Unit Wanted

Lorad MIV and MIV Platinums (with HTC Grids) Wanted... view more

February 28  

R2 TECHNOLOGY Hologic CAD Mammo Processor For Sale

Hologic Cenova CAD Block ID: 34948 A003184 Software enabled Model ASY-02354 SN:... view more

February 28  

HOLOGIC Discovery W Bone Densitometer Wanted

Wanted immediately - Complete, fully functional Hologic Discovery W bone Densitometer unit.... view more

February 28  

SIEMENS Inspiration 3D Mammo Unit Wanted

Please send spec, photos and current situation (installed, warehouse,... view more

February 28  

HOLOGIC Discovery A Bone Densitometer Wanted

Wanted immediately - Complete, fully functional Hologic Discovery A bone Densitometer... view more

February 28  

GE Lunar Prodigy Primo with Corescan Bone Densitometer For Sale

2015 GE Lunar Prodigy Primo DEXA [A-007992] Win7 Computer, Flat Panel Monitor, Cart Encore Software v16, AP Spine, APVA, Body Composition Advanced, Body Composition Basic, CoreScan, DICOM, Dual... view more

February 28  

HOLOGIC Discovery Ci Bone Densitometer For Sale

2006 Hologic Discovery Ci Bone Densitometry (A-006997) QDR Software 12.4.2 XP Computer, Monitor, Cart HV Tank/X-Ray Tube (2016) DICOM Image Pro IVA Mobility Quantitative Morphometry Forearm... view more

February 28  

GE Lunar Prodigy Bone Densitometer Wanted

GE Lunar Prodigy Bone Densitometry wanted... view more

February 28  

OEC 9600 12" Vascular C-Arm For Sale

1997 OEC 9600 12" Vascular C-arm (A-007064) Rotating X-ray Tube Tri-Mode Image Intensifier High Resolution CCD Fluoro Boost Pulsed Fluoro Image Storage Dual Hi-Resolution Monitors Last Image... view more

February 28  

IMAGE DIAGNOSTICS Aspect 100T C-Arm Table For Sale

2006 Image Diagnostics Aspect 100T C-Arm Table (A-007520) Elevation: 30 - 41.8in (76 - 106 cm) Trendelenburg Tilt: ±15° Tabletop dimensions: 24 x 80 (61 x 203 cm) Unobstructed imaging area: 62... view more

February 28