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Mr Patrick Remon Gammelholm, Sales Manager
Bejlerholm 3A
Noerresundby, Aalborg 9400
Phone: +45 2893 5169
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AGITO Medical offers flexible and cost-efficient healthcare solutions to hospitals, clinics and distributors world-wide, including pre-owned imaging equipment, rental solutions and spare parts.
DOTmed user since January 2016.

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SIEMENS Definition AS+ CT Scanner For Sale

Siemens Definition AS + YOM : 2010 Software version : VA44A Software Options : get worklist,cap3d,filterssd,cap3d filter mip, cap3d main,cap3d voimode,bolus track,care vision,care dose,syngo... view more

October 14  

PHILIPS ICT 128 CT Scanner For Sale

PHILIPS ICT 128 YOM: 2013 Slices: 128 S/N: 75105 Software Version: Tube YOM: 06/2015 Tube model: MRC Tube count: 930 811 scan sec. last updated 10/06/2019 Item no.: 002887 ... view more

October 14  

SIEMENS Definition AS64 CT Scanner For Sale

Siemens Definition AS64 YOM: 2014 Software Version VA44A Tube Type: Straton MX P46 Tube YOM: Installed 5/2017 Tube Count: 457 071 scan sec. update 03.04.2019 Item no.: 002888 Availability:... view more

October 14  

SIEMENS Essenza Tim+Dot 1.5 T MRI Scanner For Sale

Siemens Essenza Tim+Dot 1.5 T YOM : 2014 S/N : 50169 Software version : Syngo MR E11, VE11Q Software Options: See in link below Magnet type : OR60 Channels : 16 Gradients : V Engine... view more

October 14  

SIEMENS Ysio Rad Room For Sale

Siemens Ysio YOM : 2008 S/N : 20073 Tube YOM : 2018 Tube count : 43196 updated on : 15/02/2019 Item : 002735 Availability : In... view more

October 14  

GE Brightspeed Elite 16 CT Scanner For Sale

GE Brightspeed Elite S/N: 6600YC1 YOM: 2006 Slices: 16 Console Type: 2377708-120 Software Version: 11BW46.3_SP1-9-1.HP_P_G16_G_HPT Tube Type: Hercules Tube YOM: 2015 Tube Count: Total tube... view more

October 14  

SIEMENS MAGNETOM Aera 1.5T MRI Scanner For Sale

SIEMENS Aera 1.5T S/N: 41386 YOM: 2012 Channels: 48 Gradient: GC 1.5XJ Console Type: HP Z420 10928173 CZC5281RDZ Software Version: Syngo MR E11 Software Options: See link below Last Cold Head... view more

October 14  

SIEMENS Verio 3.0T MRI Scanner For Sale

SIEMENS Magnetom Verio 3T YOM: 2010 S/N: 21246189 YOM: 2010 Channels: 32 Software Version: Syngo MR B19 Last Cold Head Change: RDK-408l3 Coil list: 16Ch Body anterior, 16Ch Body posterior,... view more

October 14  

HOLOGIC Selenia Mammo Unit For Sale

HOLOGIC Lorad Selenia S/N: 194021113606 GANTRY S/N 28402116504W YOM: 2011 Software Version: Tube Type: M-113T Tube YOM: 2015 Detector: FFDM-L YOM: 2015 Item no.: 002940 ... view more

October 14  

SIEMENS MAGNETOM Avanto MRI Scanner For Sale

SIEMENS Avanto S/N: 25102 YOM: 2005 Channels: 18 Software options: Tim Whole Body Suite, PMU Wireless Physio Control, PMU Wireless Physio Control, PMU Wireless Physio Control, Wireless Physio... view more

October 14  

SIEMENS Artis zee Biplane System Cath Angio Lab For Sale

SIEMENS Artis Zee Biplane YOM: Year of Installation 2011 Tube YOM: Year of installation 01/2018 Item no.: 002956 Availability:... view more

October 14  

PHILIPS Ingenuity Core 64 CT Scanner For Sale

PHILIPS Ingenuity Core 64 S/N: 310087 YOM: year of installation 2013 Slices: 64 Software Version: v4.1.6 Tube YOM: year of installation 01/2014 Item no.: 002853 Availability: 02/2020... view more

October 14  

GE Optima MR450w 1.5T MRI Scanner For Sale

GE 450W-GEM YOM : 2012 S/N : M24481307 Software version : 1_R03_1802.a Channels : 32 Gradient: 8920 XGD Magnet Type: HM0405 Coils : Seins 8CH, HNU 24CH couples avec la table, Posterieure 40... view more

October 14  

GE Optima MR450w 1.5T MRI Scanner For Sale

GE 450W-GEM YOM : 2012 S/N : X24481303 Software version : 1_R02_1649.a Channels : 32 Gradient: 8920 (XGD) Magnet Type: HM0361 Last Cold Head Change: 27/03/2018 External Workstation Type:... view more

October 14  

SIEMENS MAGNETOM Espree 1.5T MRI Scanner For Sale

Siemens Espree YOM : 2006 S/N: 30257 Software version : NUMARIS/4, syngo MR B19 Software Options : COEM VE10_M_SL02P02,Syngo... view more

October 14