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Piedmont Medical, Inc

Byron Wurdeman
DOTmed user since May 2007

P.O. Box 1278
500 W. Kapp St.
Dobson, NC 27017 USA
Phone: +1 (800) 433-3255
Byron Wurdeman,
Phone:+1 (800) 433-3255

STRYKER 1211 Renaissance Gurney For Sale

Call Today for a Quote!! Product Specifications Overall Length: 84" (213.4 cm) Overall Width (siderails up): 31.5" (80 cm) Overall Width (siderails down): 30" (76.2 cm) Height... view more

October 14  

HILL-ROM 8000 TranStar Gurney For Sale

Completely Reconditioned!! Gurney Pad sold separately!! Call Today for a Quote!! Product Specifications Height Overall (High Position): 35" (88.9 cm) Height Overall (Low Position): 21.5"... view more

October 14  

STRYKER 734 Stretcher For Sale

Pneumatic back fowler, iv pole, push handles, supports 700... view more

October 16  

HILL-ROM Advance Bed Room Package Beds Electric For Sale

Hill Rom Advance Bed Room Packages include: - Reconditioned 1100 series bed - New basic mattress - New Overbed Table - New Locally Made 1 Door 1 Drawer Cabinet ****Great for... view more

October 16  

STRYKER 3002 Secure II Beds Electric For Sale

Stryker 3002 Secure II EX Square Armrails Call for a... view more

October 16  

STRYKER Epic 2040 Zoom Beds Electric For Sale

These Stryker Epic Beds have zoom drive.. Ready to be... view more

October 16

Asking Price:
$3,250 USD


STRYKER 1061 GYNNIE Stretcher For Sale

We have 5 of these Stryker 1061 OBGYN Stretchers.. Ready to be... view more

October 16

Asking Price:
$3,550 USD


STRYKER 721 Transport Stretcher For Sale

Stretchers are sold Reconditioned!! Call for... view more

October 16  

HILL-ROM Advanta Series Beds Electric For Sale

Beds include a Scale!! Beds are Reconditioned with 1 year parts replacement warranty!! Mattress sold... view more

October 16

Asking Price:
$2,150 USD


STRYKER 735 Transport Stretcher For Sale

These Stryker 735 Transport Stretchers were manufactured in 2007! We do the work!! Buy DIRECT!! Call for a quote today!... view more

October 16  

HILL-ROM 1135 Refurbished Advanced Beds Electric For Sale

New mattress sold separately! Hill-Rom 1135 Advance Bed with Air. Refurbished! Call now for a quote! We do the work!! Buy Direct!!! SPECIFICATIONS/ID# 12510 ►Height Overall/Foot End/High... view more

October 16

Asking Price:
$1,199 USD


HILL-ROM Affinity II Birthing Beds Electric For Sale

Hill-Rom Affinity II electronic birthing bed. Call today for a quote! We do the work! Buy Direct!! SPECIFICATIONS/ID# 14710 ►Overall Length: 90" (228.6 cm) ►Overall Height/Headboard/High... view more

October 16  

HILL-ROM 852 Centra Beds Electric For Sale

Completely reconditioned! Large lot to choose from! We do the work!! Buy Direct!!! SPECIFICATIONS/ID# 11500 ►Height Overall/Foot End/High Position: 42" (106.7 cm) ►Height Overall/Foot... view more

October 16  

HAUSTED 4E2HMCPC Electric Stretcher For Sale

These are fully electric stretchers.. electric raise lower of up and down, foot, head sections.. all controlled by a remote.. and comes with IV Pole!... view more

October 14  

STRYKER 1710 Stretcher For Sale

We have 11 matching Stryker 1710 stretchers already RECONDITIONED and ready to go.. units come with a 29"x75"x5.5" memory foam stretcher... view more

October 14

Asking Price:
$2,150 USD