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Nationwide Imaging Services, Inc. a Merry X-Ray Company

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Robert Manetta
DOTmed user since November 2012

2301 Atlantic Avenue
Manasquan, NJ 08736 USA
Phone: +1 (732) 262-3115
Robert Manetta,
Phone:+1 (732) 262-3115
Anthony Pozzolano, Sales
Phone:+1 (732) 262-3115
Nicole Saggiomo, Sales Representative
Phone:+1 (732) 262-3115 x242

GE OEC 9900 ELITE C-Arm For Sale

OEC 9900 Elite Vascular MTS C-Arm NISR10346 Motorized drive Vascular MTS Package 12 Inch Image Intensifier DICOM 3.0 1kx1kx16 bit Digital Image Processing Noise Filter Real-time Variable DRM... view more

January 24  

OEC 9800 Plus C-Arm For Sale

2000 oec 9800 plus 9”-nisr10306 ws sw version: 5.7.95 release 30 monitor type: crt hours: 8,753 installed tube: rad-99 tube dom: december 1999 tube sn: 91154-w9 available NOW located in... view more

January 24  

OEC 9000 C-Arm For Sale

1988 GE OEC 9000 C-Arm and Monitor Cart - NISR9236 Model: 9000 SN: 99/96-0004 DOM: May 1988 AVAIL NOW LOCATED NJ... view more

January 24  

GE OEC 9900 ELITE SUPER C C-Arm For Sale

nisr10261 2010 oec 9900 elite super c-nisr10261 9” ii flat screen monitor esp laser printer dom: 07/2010 tube model: rad-99b tube dom: 05/2010 ii model: 00-881191-01 ii dom:... view more

January 24  

GE OEC 9800 ESP C-Arm For Sale

nisap10304-1999 oec 9800 9” esp release 30 8pps available now located in nj wh ... view more

January 24  

OEC 9600 C-Arm For Sale

1999 oec 9600-nisr9796 12” ii dual monitors spinal anaesthesia general ppacemaker placement ortho neuro transfer footswitch sony printer available now located in nj... view more

January 24  

SIEMENS Arcadis Varic C-Arm For Sale

2009 siemens arcadis varic (gen 2)-nisr9606 (2) monitors 9” ii aspiadsa aspia diom basic sm syngo get work list film paper printer film vfs ortho/truma cardiac vascular- road mapping ... view more

January 24  

SIEMENS Arcadis Varic C-Arm For Sale

nisr10065 2004 siemens arcadis varic sw level: vb13cbf3 9”ii tube: sirephos 2000-1-3 subtraction raodmapping vascular magnification film paper printer syngo general license film vfs ... view more

January 24  

OEC 6800 HP 15F MINI C-Arm For Sale

2005 oec 6800 hp 15f mini mobile with flat panel monitor – nisr9809 sw: ws: 4.6.14 umc: 2.5.32 srv: 3.1.31 included: footswitch medicapture usb-170 ge light weight lead apron available... view more

January 24  

GE OEC 9600 C-Arm For Sale

nisad10231-1994 oec 9600 dicom box foot switch fully operational located NJ WH available now ... view more

January 24  

GE OEC 9600 C-Arm For Sale

nisad10231-1995 oec 9600 s/n-69-1234 foot switch LOCATED NO NJ WH fully operational ... view more

January 24  

GEMSS 2017 Spinel 3G C-Arm For Sale

nisr10267 2017 gemss spinal 3g mobile surgical flouroscopic system- compact mobile c-arm with 135 degree rotation and 1000 mm sid 12kw hf generator 300 khu dual focus, high performance,... view more

January 24  


nisr10069 2015 siemens siremobil compact l-nisr10069 mx 200 computer options: smc l basic unit3 sw vd00a i.i. sirecon 23-2 r memoscop cx basic unit compact l 1k television trolley cpl... view more

January 24  

GE OEC 9800 ESP 9" C-Arm For Sale

2004 oec 9800 esp 9”-nisM10439 full fps s/n: 89-2639 9” ii lcd flat panel monitors dsa (digital subtraction angiography) road mapping vascular 15 fps sw: 5.7.95 rev. 30 avail now located... view more

January 24