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WebStore for Green Medical Company Limited

Green Medical Company Limited

Takahashi Yoichiro, CEO
DOTmed user since April 2017

2F 3-10-10
Tokyo, Tokyo 135-0051 Japan
Phone: +81 356337477
Takahashi Yoichiro, CEO
Phone:+81 356337477

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GE LOGIQ S6 OB / GYN - Vascular Ultrasound For Sale

GE Used Ultrasound LOGIQ S6 Convex: 4C Linear: 7L Linear: 12L B&W Printer YOM: 2006... view more

October 29  

GE VOLUSON S6 OB / GYN - Vascular Ultrasound For Sale

60734 VOLUSON S6 (2011) Convex 4C-RS 3D/4D Convex RAB4-8-RS BW Printer Color... view more

October 29  

TOSHIBA SSA-700A Aplio XV OB / GYN - Vascular Ultrasound For Sale

TOSHIBA SSA-700A Aplio XV Color doppler, PW/CW doppler, TDI About 193Kg PVT-375BT Convex Probe PST-25BT Sector Probe B/W Printer Color Printer Y.O.M. : 2006 Working Condition : Good ... view more

October 29  

GE LOGIQ A5 OB / GYN - Vascular Ultrasound For Sale

GE Healthcare Ultrasound LOGIQ A5 (B&W Doppler) version: R3.00 Convex: 4C B&W Printer All items are sold in as-is condition with no warranty. Payment term T/T We welcome... view more

October 29  

SIEMENS ACUSON S1000 OB / GYN - Vascular Ultrasound For Sale

Siemens Acuson S1000 with CW Doppler MFG: 2013 Software: 400.1.016 SyngoVE31F SL04P09 4D Volume Convex 7Cf2 Convex 6C2 Vaginal EC9-4 Cardio 10V4 BW... view more

October 29

Asking Price:
$12,800 USD


TOSHIBA SSA-580A Nemio XG OB / GYN - Vascular Ultrasound For Sale

TOSHIBA SSA-580A Nemio XG Dimensions: W493 x D780 x H1372 mm Weight: about 100kg PVM-375AT Covex PLM-703AT Linear PSM-30BT Sector 15 Inches Monitor B&W Printer Color Printer YOM:... view more

October 29

Asking Price:
$9,600 USD


GE Voluson 730Expert OB / GYN - Vascular Ultrasound For Sale

GE Voluson 730Expert 690 (W) x 990 (L) x 1,420 (H) mm, 136 Kgs. RAB2-5 volume convex 3D/4D RIC5-9 volume vaginal CD writer, MO drive. BW & color printer YO.M. : 2002 GOOD in condition ... view more

October 29  

SIEMENS ACUSON X300 OB / GYN - Vascular Ultrasound For Sale

MOCHIDA SIEMEMS ACUSON X300 15 Inches Flat LCD B Mode/M Mode/Color Doppler Mode/PW Mode/CWD Mode Dimensions: W 51.8 x D 88.0 x H 138.2 (Max) cm Weight: Approx. 102kg CH5-2 Convex Probe... view more

October 29  

SONOSITE TiTAN OB / GYN - Vascular Ultrasound For Sale

SonoSite Titan Convex C60/5-2 Linear L38/10-5 BW Printer Trolley Active Modes: CPD, DCPD, Color, M, PW, CW, TH, EOBC, DPLX... view more

October 29  

PHILIPS iE33 OB / GYN - Vascular Ultrasound For Sale

Philips Used Ultrasound iE33 Please ask us for further information.... view more

October 29  

OLYMPUS ENF-VT2 Rhinolaryngoscope For Sale

Olympus ENF-VT2 YOM: 2013 Patient-ready, excellent condition. Channel Width: 2.0mm Working Length: 365mm Field of View: 90 Depth of Field: 2-40mm Outer Diameter: 4.8mm Outer Diameter... view more

November 13  

HITACHI Arietta 70 OB / GYN Ultrasound For Sale

Hitachi Arietta 70 Ultrasound System Convex C251 3D/4D Volume Convex VC34 Vaginal C41V1 BW & Printer MFG:... view more

November 13  

ZEISS OPMI Lumera i Microscope For Sale

Zeiss OPMI LUMERA I Surgical Microscope with 26 inch color monitor Ikegami MLW-2623C 3CMOS HD CAMERA MKC-230HD BLU-RAY DISC&HDD RECORDER... view more

November 07  

GETINGE MAQUET 1132 O/R Table For Sale

Getinge Maquet 1132 Operating Table Please inquire for further... view more

November 06