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Capital Medical Resources

Lee Ann Purtell, Owner
DOTmed user since January 2011

4002 North Hampton Dr
Powell, OH 43065 USA
Phone: +1 (614) 389-1334
Lee Ann Purtell, Owner
Phone:+1 (614) 389-1334

Most Common Categories

April 08

Asking Price:
$135 USD


WOLF 8735.685 Flexible Grasping Forceps For Sale

This is a brand new, in original box, Richard Wolf 8735.685 Urology Flexible Grasping Forceps. 5 Fr. 540mm working length. Ref: N061 Warranty: Standard 90-day warranty covering materials and... view more

April 08

Asking Price:
$1,150 USD


STORZ 30114 H1 Cannula with Trocar 30114Y For Sale

Karl Storz 30114 H1 Cannula with stopcock. Trocar 30114Y with pyramidal tip. 3.8mm x 6cm Ref: I026 Warranty:  Standard 90-day warranty covering materials and workmanship unless otherwise... view more

April 08

Asking Price:
$275 USD


STRYKER 220-180-521 Infra Vision IR Illuminator Light Source For Sale

This is a Stryker 220-180-521 Infra Vision IR Illuminator. Uses infrared technology to transilluminate Ureteral and Esophageal structures allowing for anatomical identification during procedures. ... view more

April 08

Asking Price:
$50 USD


WOLF 8383.2103 Kleppinger Bipolar Forceps. NEW! Complete Instrument For Sale

For sale is a Richard Wolf Bipolar Kleppinger Forceps Scissors Style, 320mm WL, complete includes 8383.210 handle and 8393.714 Kleppinger tong. This item is new, unused and only opened to take... view more

April 08

Asking Price:
$1,250 USD


CAPITAL MEDICAL RESOURCES H135-3342 Foerster Sponge Forcep 16 For Sale

This is a 16" Straight Foerster Sponge Forceps. Brand new. German. Ref: N042 Please contact us for your general instrument needs. We have thousands of instrument patterns and sizes... view more

April 08

Asking Price:
$180 USD


OLYMPUS A70942A Arthroscope For Sale

70 degree Olympus Sinuscopy Scope (1) A70942A 4mm, 70 degree, Autoclavable Removable eyepiece for direct-connect to Olympus camera. Scope is in excellent cosmetic and functional... view more

April 08

Asking Price:
$750 USD


CAPITAL MEDICAL RESOURCES 224-021, 260-021B Trocar & Cannula For Sale

This is a brand new, 224-021 5.5mm x 100mm Cannula / Trocar Sleeve with stopcock and 260-021B Obturator 5.5mm x 100mm, Conical Point. High-Quality, German-Made. Contact us for additional sizes... view more

April 08

Asking Price:
$325 USD