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WebStore for MAK Healthcare Inc.,

MAK Healthcare Inc.,

Satheesh Babu, president
DOTmed user since February 2009

8 N Waterford DR
Schaumburg, IL 60194 USA
Phone: +1 (847) 230-0244
Satheesh Babu, president
Phone:+1 (847) 230-0244

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GE Optima 520 - 16 slice CT CT Scanner For Sale

2014 GE Optima 520 CT – 16 Slice ASIR XR 29 GE software: KL-C2.0 GE Generator: 52 - KW GE Tube: Solarix 3.5Mhu Tube Total patient volume to date: 2800 patients Original Tube Total Tube... view more

April 06  

SIEMENS Emotion 16 CT Scanner For Sale

2007 Siemens Emotion 16 Slice CT DURA 422-MV X-ray Tube Tube DOM 2012 Approx. 221,000 scan seconds Syngo CT 2014A Software VB 42B 3D Software Options CELSIUS 10G (10498302) GET_WORKLIST,... view more

April 06  

GE Signa Lx 1.5t MRI Scanner For Sale

2003 GE 1.5T Echospeed 1.5T MRI Erbtec RF amp 8945 Gradient amp 70% helium in clinical use New England area available now... view more

April 06  

NEUSOFT Superstar 0.35T MRI Scanner For Sale

2004 System with software version 2.4.1. System is up and running Need to be taken out... view more

April 06  

LORAD Classic Mammo Mobile For Sale

This is a Mammography Van 2006 with 95,000 miles 33’ long – does not require a CDL license to drive. The mammo installed is a 1998 Lorad Elite Mamo, Has on board generator that can run the mammo. ... view more

April 06  


2005 Hitachi Airis 2 open MRI 5.1 Software Coils : QD BODY M QD BODY L QD BODY XL QD HEAD QD KNEE QD C. Spine QD Wrist QD Shoulder Joint/ Neck Latch... view more

April 06  

GE Excite HD MRI Scanner For Sale

2005 SIGNA Profile EXCITE HD - YOM : 2005 - Coils : Body Flex-M, Body Flex-L, Extremity, Head, Flex S - Software Ver :... view more

April 06  

GE Ovation MRI Scanner For Sale

2003 GE Ovation 0.35T MRI 8290 gradients 15 mT/m SR 25 T/m/s 4 channel configuration Software revision level MFO3.291a_M4_0837.a MRA PHASED ARRAY FSE, NEURO, FLAIR FIESTA 2D, 3D GRAD ECHO... view more

April 06  

PHILIPS Panorama 1.0T HFO MRI Scanner For Sale

2009 Philips Panaroma 1.0T HFO software version is Coils: Sense Head Sense Neck Sense Knee Sense Shoulder Sense Wrist Body/spine Med Body/spine XL Extremity Med Currently in... view more

April 06  

HITACHI Airis 1 MRI Scanner For Sale

Hitachi Airis 1 Serial number A139 10 coils 7.0 Software Available immediately... view more

April 06  

HITACHI AIRIS Elite MRI Scanner For Sale

2011 Hitachi Elite Software Version 5.1 H063 Serial number - Original Elite Coils: 10 coils 3 BODY COIL(MEDIUM, LARGE, XL) QD KNEE NECK/JOINT QD SOULDER QD HEAD C SPINE RAPID HEAD COIL ... view more

April 06  

TOSHIBA Asteion 4 CT Scanner For Sale

2007 Asteion Super 4 2012 tube with 350,000 slices Picture attached... view more

April 06