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WebStore for Grand Medical Equipment, Inc.

Grand Medical Equipment, Inc.

Sean Chen, President
DOTmed user since January 2009

3 Corporate Drive
Cranbury, NJ 08512 USA
Phone: +1 (609) 610-6925
Sean Chen, President
Phone:+1 (609) 610-6925

SIEMENS Definition DS CT Scanner For Sale

Siemens Definition DS 128 CT scanner manufactured in Aug 2008. Software VA44A. Tube A replaced on 11-22-17 with 200,904 scan seconds. Tube B replaced on 11-12-08 with 357,333 scan seconds. System... view more

February 15  

GE VCT 64 CT Scanner For Sale

VCT 64 manufactured in December 2005 and installed in 2006 with New tube replaced on April 11 2018 with MFD Feb 2018. Tube count at deisntallation is 34mil mAs and 142,000 seconds. VDAS. Fully loaded... view more

February 15  

SIEMENS Sensation 40 CT Scanner For Sale

Sensation 40 CT scanner manufactured in 2006. Strraton Z tube replaced in 02/2015. Gantry scan seconds 804085 and Tube scan seconds 228856. About 10 patients a day. Under OEM service. Ex... view more

February 15  

PHILIPS Brilliance 64-slice CT Scanner For Sale

2006 Philips Brilliance 64 TDMS Detectors MRC800 Tube manufactured in October 2012. Tube Exposure Seconds: 507912 Dual Monitors. Software Level: view more

February 15  

PHILIPS Brilliance Big Bore CT Scanner For Sale

Philips Brilliance Big Bore CT manufactured in December 2008. MRC800 tube with count 453,910 as of 7/26/2019. Still up and running in Midwest.... view more

February 15  

SIEMENS Emotion 16 CT Scanner For Sale

New Style Emotion 16 manufactured in Dec 2008. New Dura 422 MCT-172 x-ray tube replaced in March 2019 with tube count 93,005 secs as of in Oct 18 2019, Total gantry count 897,206 secs. . XR-29... view more

February 15  

GE Lightspeed Ultra 8 CT Scanner For Sale

Lightspeed Ultra 8 slice CT manufactured in April 2003. GOC2 extreme console. X-ray tube replaced new in April / 2011 with Performix Ultra CT tube mAs 71,213,449 and Scan/seconds 331,000 . Ex... view more

February 15  

PHILIPS Brilliance 16-slice CT Scanner For Sale

Brilliance 16 manufactured in 2010. MRC 600 x-ray tube replaced in 2010 with 170,000 seconds. SW 3.6.8. Upgraded system and recon computers. Still up and running. Available... view more

February 15  

GE LightSpeed VCT CT Scanner For Sale

GE Lightspeed VCT64 CT manufactured in September 2007. New X-ray tube replaced in Oct 2018. Tube count is 231,984 secs and 67.5 mil mAS . HDAS detector. Software 16HW36.4_SP2-1-1.V40_H_V64_G_GTM.... view more

February 11  

VARIAN GS-2030 X-Ray Tube For Sale

GS2030 Ct tube (2-2005), replacement for Siemens Opti156 Opti 156, Opti157, Opti 157 for DRH, HiQ or... view more

February 15  

SIEMENS MEGALIX 125/15/40/80 X-Ray Tube For Sale

October 2004 Siemens MEGALIX 125/15/40/80 CM-120 GW tube. Housing PN 3754509, Insert... view more

February 15  

GE 2A05AVRT tube X-Ray Tube For Sale

2A05AVRT angio x-ray tube made in... view more

February 15  

GE 46-25382G18 X-Ray Tube For Sale

46-25382G18 angio x-ray tube made in... view more

February 15  

VARIAN GS-6070 X-Ray Tube For Sale

2007 July GS 6070, GS6070. Low slice... view more

February 15  

GE 2000D With RWS Mammo Unit For Sale

We own: GE Senographe 2000D, manufactured 2000, 2005 x-ray tube. Complete full field digital system, Rotating 18x24 Bucky, Dual 0.1, 0.3 Rhodium Spectrum Focal Spots, Operator Console, Standard... view more

February 15