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TERASON 2000+ Shared Service Ultrasound



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The Terason 2000+ Ultrasound System sets the standard for image quality in a value-priced, portable ultrasound.

System-on-a-Chip Design
The revolutionary technology of the Terason 2000+ Ultrasound System is based on microminiature electronics. The Terason 2000+ is literally an ultrasound system on a custom-designed silicon chip.

Leveraging the PC
Because the Terason 2000+ system runs on a Windows-based personal computer, your investment is protected from obsolescence and it's easy to take advantage of the latest advances in processing, communications, data storage and display technologies.

Outstanding clinical utility. Outstanding performance
This low-cost, lightweight, portable system offers great flexibility to clinicians, facilitating diagnostic decisions virtually anywhere. A high degree of customization accommodates user preferences and applications.

* Ultimate portability and patient access
* Broad range of application-specific Terason SmartProbes
* PACS Compatible
* DICOM Compliant

A Powerful Windows-Based Software Application
The Terason 2000+ Ultrasound System is driven by proprietary software that runs as a standard Windows application, which provides for an intuitive, familiar, and customizable user interface and enables:

* Storage and retrieval of data via standard Windows file formats, including TIF, BMP, JPEG and AVI
* Integrated CD/DVD
* Easy upgrades via software downloads or CDs
* Remote operation capability

Imaging Modes

* 2-D / M-Mode
* Simultaneous Triplex
* Power and Directional Power Doppler
* PW Doppler
* Color Doppler


* FDA 510(K)
* CE - European Medical Device
* Electromagnetic Compatibility - IEC 60601-1-2
* Acoustic Safety - AIUM/NEMA Output
* Electrical Safety - (Int'l) IEC 60601-1 and (US) UL 2601-1
* Biocompatibility - ISO 9001/EN46001
* ETL Listing - USA & Canada




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