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> GE Trackball wont work after software reinstall

GE Trackball wont work after software reinstall

Tags: Ultrasound


Maloon Dahwa

GE Trackball wont work after software reinstall

April 15, 2019 10:30

I have a GE C5 Premium ultrasound.Initially the machine was hanging on the booting screen -Loqic C Premium series -Start Scanning screen.

I replaced the hard-drive and loaded a new software.


1.upon starting the machine i noticed the keyboard was working only for a few minutes.The track ball isnt functioning at all.

If i put an extrenal mouse and keyboard everything is working fine.

2. Upon shutting down the ultrasound using the shutdown option the monitor powers off and goes into sleep but the power on/off button remains green instead of going into amber state.
it will only go into amber state when i have pressed and hold the power button again.

Please kindly assist

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