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ELEKTA Esteya Brachytherapy

Esteya® electronic brachytherapy is Elekta's new patient-friendly solution for treating skin cancer. Esteya relies on a small, high dose rate X-ray source to apply radiation precisely and directly to the cancerous site. The portable set-up enables the system to be used in any minimally shielded trea...


ELEKTA Flexitron Brachytherapy

Flexitron is the newest afterloader. With its 40 channels, it enables implants up to 40 catheters without the need for reconnection during treatment. The design includes absolute source drive, as well as many improvements based on ICRP publication 27. Flexitron's third drive to enables future advanc...


ELEKTA Landmark brachytherapy applicators Brachytherapy

Elekta offers a comprehensive portfolio of specialized, patient-focused brachytherapy applicators for more than 15 types of cancer diagnosed in a variety of anatomies. For instance, our wide array of applicators for gynecological brachytherapy are available for many applications, ranging from intrac...


ELEKTA microSelectron Digital Brachytherapy

The predecessor of the Flexitron remote afterloading platform, the microSelectron® automated, digital remote afterloading platform is a proven, reliable system for brachytherapy applications. The microSelectron allows both HDR and PDR brachytherapy....


ELEKTA Real-time Prostate Solutions Brachytherapy

Elekta's Real-time Prostate Solutions offers a real-time workflow for HDR and LDR prostate brachytherapy, enabling to provide treatment in a single session. In this way, there is a minimized chance of patient movement and associated implant shift. Oncentra® Seeds (for LDR) and Oncentra® Prostate (fo...


NUCLETRON microSelectron Digital Brachytherapy

The new microSelectron Digital afterloader offers unprecedented scalability and connectivity, making the introduction of brachytherapy or the expansion of current brachytherapy offerings easier, more cost-effective and adaptable to future needs. microSelectron Digital provides unparalleled versatili...


SENSUS SRT-100 Brachytherapy

The superficial radiotherapy SRT-100 provides safe, painless, and effective (>95% cure rates) non-melanoma skin cancer treatment to patients. The SRT-100 has three treatment modes of 50kV, 70kV, and 100kV with an efficient energy yield of ~650cGy/min. SRT-100 features automatic filter selection, aut...


VARIAN BrachyTherapy Applicators Brachytherapy

Varian Medical Systems offers a comprehensive library of brachytherapy applicators and accessories designed for imageguided brachytherapy using CT & MR imaging modalities. View our catalog at varian.com/brachytherapy under Product Resources....


VARIAN GammaMedplus iX remote afterloader system Brachytherapy

Varian offers the GammaMed iX remote afterloader in either a 24 channel or 3 channel system for high-dose-rate (HDR) & pulsed-dose-rate (PDR) brachytherapy. Key features include: * Uniquely designed ultra-flexible solid core source cable * Fixed treatment length safety feature * Adjustable hei...