Sakura Tissue-Tek Rotary 4640 Tissue Processor - 模型信息

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SAKURA Tissue-Tek Rotary 4640 Tissue Processor

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SAKURA Tissue-Tek Rotary Tissue Processor (4640)
The Rotary Tissue Processor is an instrument for automatically processing human and animal tissue specimens. Tissue specimens are enclosed unlabeled Uni-Cassettes® and placed in the wire mesh basket. The movable hood raises, transports and lowers the basket through a series of ten glass beakers containing the processing reagents and two stainless steel pots containing molten paraffin. The tissue is sequentially submerged and oscillated in the reagents throughout the programmed processing cycle. The reagent immersion time for each beaker is programmed on a 24 hour timing disc with 12 movable control stops with 15 minute increment.
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