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BARCO Coronis 5MP Mammo MDMG-5121 Display Monitor

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The Coronis 5MP Mammo display system for digital mammography proves that technology can make a real difference.

Continuous DICOM compliance with integrated I-Guard®

To ensure superior image accuracy and diagnostic confidence, Barco's MFGD 5620 HD includes the unique I-Guard® technology. The compact, front-mounted I-Guard® sensor continually guards and adjusts the luminance output of the actual diagnostic viewing area at the front of the display. Barco's I-Guard® sensor truly sees what you see, thereby ensuring consistent image quality and continuous DICOM accuracy over time and across displays.

Pixel-perfect mammography reading

Equipped with top-of-the-line LCD technology, the system offers radiologists highly accurate grayscale images with high resolution, high contrast and perfect geometry. Innovative technology, such as 'Per Pixel Uniformity', ensures pixel-perfect images, without disturbing screen-noise, which might hide subtle details.

Ultimate grayscale accuracy

The 12-bit DICOM look-up table produces 1024 simultaneous shades of gray. This provides radiologists with a higher level of diagnostic precision, making it possible to detect the most subtle of details in digital mammography images.

Lasting precision

Thanks to the DuraLight backlight technology, Coronis 5MP Mammo has a lifetime that is 3 to 5 times longer than conventional displays.

The preferred choice for digital mammography

These benchmark technologies have made Coronis 5MP Mammo the preferred choice for training and screening centers worldwide.
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First Year of Production: 2012
Display Resolution:
2048 x 2560
Viewing Angle:
176° (at 10:1 contrast)

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