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QUANTEL MEDICAL Compact Touch B-Scan

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The COMPACT TOUCH combines the best image and measurement performance in its category with outstanding ergonomics. A possible 3 in 1 unit, It can meet just about all your Ultrasound needs:

• Image of the globe and orbit (10 MHz B-scan)
• Optional biometry
• Optional pachymetry

COMPACT TOUCH is a hugely successful product due to its exceptional image quality, its compact, lightweight ergonomics, and intuitive use.

• No PC required
• Touch-screen
• Carrying case included
• Compact and portable: 4.2 kg (9.4 lbs.)
• Data transfer: 2 USB ports, 1 ethernet port and connection to medical servers via EMR

The intuitive interface and touch-screen combined with compact size and high-level performance make this the benchmark product in terms of profitability and reliability.

High-quality b-scan images supporting your diagnosis

COMPACT TOUCH includes all the latest QUANTEL MEDICAL innovations in the field of ophthalmic imaging.

• Cineloop: automatic memorization of video examination sequences
• Automatic adjustment of the gain on frozen images
• Post-processing tools: calipers, surface, angle, image tags and comments
• Intuitive software, large patient data storage capacity (80 Go)
With COMPACT TOUCH you achieve unrivalled performance in terms of diagnosis and measurement:
• General examination of the globe and orbit

The quality of the image makes it possible to distinguish globe and orbit structures, and to perform a detailed diagnosis of several different pathologies: cataract, opacity of the vitreous, retinal detachment, etc.

• B-scan biometer
Ideal for cases involving advanced myopia or staphyloma, it offers automatic axial length measurement using a B-scan image.

Technical information - General information

• Built-in physician and patient database
• Exportation of still images and video sequences
• Customizable digital and printed reports
• EMR compatible
•Compatible with PC and USB video printer

• Black-li LCD color touch screen monitor
• Electrical requirements
Alimentation: 100 - 240 Vac ±10% single phase without earth
Frequency: 47 - 63 Hz
Power: 70 VA max
• Features
Overall dimensions: 37.5 cm (W) x 10 cm (D) x 27 cm (H)
14.76" (W) x 3.94" (D) x 10.63" (H)
Touch screen dimensions: 21 cm (l) x 16 cm (H); 8.27"(W) x 6.3" (H)
Weight: 4.2 kg (9.26 lbs.)
Ports: 2 USB, 1 Ethernet
• Peripherals and accessories
Keyboard* with USB
Mouse with USB
External PC printer Windows®7 (32 bits) compatible*
Carrying case
Connection to medical servers via EMR
(*) Option

Optional biometry*

An unparalleled level of precision:

COMPACT TOUCH covers all your biometry needs through a comprehensive set of functions that includes correlation tables for implant calculation formulae, plus a special mode for silicone eyes and post-refractive formulae. The COMPACT TOUCH is essential equipment in any ophthalmology consulting room: Ultrasound biometry is the only technique that lets you measure axial length behind an opaque area (e.g. cataract).

Pro-beam* for faster measurements

A product of QUANTEL technology, the Pro Beam is an A-probe with built-in laser pointer. The pointer projects a light spot onto a wall or ceiling. The patient looks at this spot with the eye that is not being measured, the Ultrasound beam lines up naturally with the patient's field of view.

Optional pachymetry*

This option is an ideal addition to glaucoma screening and refractive surgery. Corneal thickness is measured to an accuracy of ± 5 microns. Intraocular pressure and corneal thickness correlation tables are included.

The COMPACT TOUCH comes delivered in its carry case, with: a foot pedal for easier measurement acquisition, a mouse, essential in B-scan when using calipers.

Technical information - B scan specifications:
• Adjustable gain: 20 to 110 dB
• Time Gain Control (TGC): 0 to 30 dB
• Dynamic range adjustment: 25 to 90 dB
• Storage of still images and video sequences (up to 10second duration) on hard disk
• Image post-processing tools: calipers, areas, markers, comment
• 10 MHz probe

Transducer frequency: 10 MHz
Angle of exploration: 50°
Depth of exploration: 20 à 60 mm
Focus: 24 à 26 mm
Axial resolution: 200 µm
Lateral resolution: 600 µm
Frame Rate Acquisition: up to 16 Hz

Technical information - Biometry specifications:
• Adjustable gain: 20 to 110 dB
• Time Gain Control (TGC): 0 to 30 db 11 MHz probe
• Transducer frequency: 11 MHz
• Tip diameter: 7 mm (0.28")
• Electronic resolution: 0,03 mm (0.002")
• Depth: 60 mm (2.36")on 1536 points
• Contact and immersion techniques compatible
• Aiming beam: LED or laser pointer Pro-BeamTM*

Axial length measurements
• Ultrasound propagation velocity adjustable per segùent (anterior chamber, lens, vitreous) and IOL and vitreous material
• Type d'implants intégrés : phakic, aphakic, PMMA, acrylic et silicone materialfor pseudo-phakic eye types
• Automatic calculation of standard deviation and average total length (series of 10 measurements
• Acquisition modes: automatic, auto + save, manual
• Automatic detection of cleral spike

IOL Calculation
• Post-op refractive calculation:
• Pre-op and Post-op refraction, Pre-op and Post-op keratometry
• 6 different methods for keratometric correction and implant calculation:
• History derived, refraction derived, contact lens method, Rosa regression, Shammas regression, Double K / SRK-T (Dr. Aramberri's formula)
• 9 values bracketed for desired ametropia for each IOL (IOL increment steps: 0,25D or 0,50D)
• Simultaneous display of 4 different IOL calculations

Technical information - Pachymetry specifications:
• Transducer frequency: 20 MHz
• Tip diameter: 1.2 mm (0.05")
• Method: contact
• Convergence: 0.5 mm (0.02") from the tip
• Angle: 45°

Corneal Thickness measurements
• Measurement range: 200 à 999 microns
• Number of measurements: 1 à 10
• Precision: ± 5 microns
• Velocity: adjustable
• Methods: central measurement or cartographic map(automatic, continuous, scanning)
• Cartographic map: user-8L - 4L - 9C8L - 9C4L - 5C8L - 5C4L - 9C - 5C

I.O.P. Correlation tables
• Tables correlating intraocular eye pressure and corneal thickness:
• Ehlers + Doughty + Dresdner + unlimited user-defined tables
• Bias correction: up to 120%
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Years in Production: 2010 - 2014
4.2 kg, 9026 lbs.
14.76" (W) x 3.94" (D) x 10.63" (H)

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