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surplus diathermy machine needed urgently.


David Watson

surplus diathermy machine needed urgently.

April 28, 2009 09:29

I am helping a charity pediatric surgical team go to Vietnam. The hospital has limited resources, would you have a surplus diathermy machine that could be donated? Do any of your clients? We can provide a receipt to help with any tax donation if required and will cover shipping from the location to us for hand delivery to the hospital,

Please pass my number on to anyone who has a query. The team is going to a hospital in the highlands and it has a very basic surgical theatre. They are hoping to get through 30 cases in 10 days. The trip is completely self funded by the Drs, patients (whose parents annual income is less than A$3000) will have no out of pocket expense.

Thanks for your help.

David Watson
+61412345089 -Australia
+18882486531 -USA
+84918438426 -Vietnam

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