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Miljan Potic


January 24, 2010 07:31

Dear Madam or Sir

My name is Miljan Potic. I live in Pirot, small town in
southeast Serbia. I am a dentist and also a coordinator for
medicine and health development in NGO “Logos”.
Teachers Association of Serbia “Logos” is established

in 1997. by 28 teachers and professors from Pirot County.
Our mission is to make an aware, educated individual- a
citizen (especially children and youth) who will improve the
society as a whole in Serbia with his skill, creativity and
personal example.
This NGO has many projects financed by Serbian and local
government, but also by the EU, managed by European Agency for
Reconstruction. Some of our projects are Children have right to
know, Reforms of education- the way to develop society, How to
start own business in Pirot County- guide for young, est. More
information about our activities you can see on our web:
In the future we have plans to develop public health, by
offering service to pour people and to disabled.
That’s why I’m sending you this letter with request
for dental equipment donation. We need one or two dental
laboratories ( chair, delivery unite, light, suction unite), hand

instruments, electric headpieces, water-distiller, dry heat
sterilizer, autoclave tabletop, air compressor, amalgamator,
halogen lamp, drills/engines, dental ultrasonic cleaner, dental
laser, dental x-ray/panoramic, x-ray developer, intraoral camera,

stools for dentist and nurse, uniforms. Transport would be our
Those two offices would cover four towns in Pirot County,

which are most undeveloped in Serbia. We also have plans to open
dental offices in other Counties, but that depends of donations.
So far I tried to make contacts with some donators I saw
on web, but I didn’t get return answer.
I hope you’ll help us to promote living in Serbia and
you’ll make it better and easier.
All information about our organization, about this and

other activities, you can see on web:

Sincerely Miljan Potic
Medical Coordinator

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