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Mr Steve Powner, Sales
1346 Pritchett Ind Blvd
Austell, GA 30168
Phone: +1 866-565-4233
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Buying and selling of all types of medical and laboratory equipment. We are always in the market to buy or sell used equipment.
DOTmed user since January 2006.

Equipment: Accessories - Nuclear, Accutome, Aerator, Air Compressor, Air Purification, Amalgamator, Ambient Air Analyzer, Anesthesia Accessories, Anesthesia Machine, Anesthesia Monitor, ANS/HRV, Arrhythmia, Arthroscope, Arthroscopic Video System, A-Scan, ATP Test, Audiology General, Audiometer, Autoclave Tab, Autoclave Tabletop, Auto Lensmeter, Autopsy Table, Autopsy Tools, Autorefractor, Autorefractor Keratometer, Auto Transfusion System, Balance, Balloon Pump, Battery Analyzer/Tester, Birthing Bed, Birthing Chair, Blood Analyzer, Blood Gas Analyzer, Blood Warmer, BrainLab, Breathalyzer, Bronchoscope, B-Scan, Bun Analyzer, Business Opps, Cabinetry - Furnishings, Calcium Analyzer, Caloric Irrigators, Caogulation Analyzer, Capsule Endoscopy, Cassette Printer, Cavitron, Cell Counter, Cell Separator, Cell Washer, Centrifuge, Chemistry Analyzer, Chiller, Chloride Analyzer, Choledochoscope, Cl Co2 Analyzer, Co2 Analyzer, Coagulation Analyzer, Cold Laser, Colonoscope, Colorimeter, Colposcope, Computer (Mobile) Workstation, Cooximeter, Counter Pulsation System, Coverslipper, CPAP/BiPAP, Cryostat, Cryosurgical Unit, Curing-Light, Cysto Room, Cystoscope, Defibrillator, Defibrillator Tester, Delivery Table, Dental Accessories, Dental Air Abrasion Unit, Dental Chair, Dental CT, Dental Delivery Unit, Dental Digital Imaging, Dental General, Dental Laboratory, Dental Lamp, Dental Laser, Dental Loupes, Dental Microscope, Dental Nitrous Oxide System, Dental Sensors, Dental Ultrasonic Cleaner, Dental Vacuum, Dental X-Ray, Dermatome, Diagnostic Set, Diathermy Unit, DICOM, Digital Volt Meter (DVM), Diluter, DNA Extractor, DNA Stainer, Doppler Black and White, Doppler Waveform Analyzer, Drills/Engines, Drug Analyzer, Dryer, Dry Heat Sterilizer, Duodenoscope, Dynalyzer, ECG Simulator, Echo Table, ECP Unit, EECP Unit, EEG Unit, EKG, EKG Monitor, EKG Printer, Electrical Surgical Tester, Electric Handpiece, Electroconvulsive Therapy Unit (ECT), Electrolyte Analyzer, Electron Microscope, Electrophoresis Unit, Electrosurgical Unit, Embedding Center, EMG Unit, Endermology Table, Endoscope, Endoscope Measurement Device, Endoscopy Processor, ENG Unit, ENT Cabinet, ENT Chair, Enteroscope, ENT Stand, ENT Surgical, Environmental Chamber, EP Lab/X-Ray Room, Exam Chair, Exam Light, Exam Room Diagnostics, Exam Room Suite, Exam Table, Fermenter, Fibrometer, Flame Photometer, Flash Lamp, Float Bath, Floppy Drive, Flow Cytometer, Flow Lab, Fluid Waste Mgmt, Fluorometer, Focused Ultrasound, Freeze Dryer / Lyophilizer, Freezer Cryogen, Full Facility Liquidation, Fume/Bio Safety Hood, Function Generator, Fundus Camera, Gamma Counter, Gastrograph, Gastroscope, Glucose Analyzer, Grossing Station, Gurney, Hand Instrument, Headlight, Head Unit, Hearing Booth, Heart Pump, Heart Stabilization, Hematology Analyzer, Hemoglobinometer, High Voltage Cables, Holter, Holter Monitor, Holter Recorder, Holter Scanner, Hubbard Tank, Hydrocollator, Hyfrecator, Hyperbaric Chamber, Hypothermia Unit, Hysteroflator, Hysteroscope, I/A System, ICP/MS, Image Enhancer, Immunology, Incubator, Incubator Tube, Infusion Device Analyzer, Instrument Cart, Insufflator, Interferential Therapy Sys., Intraoperative Monitoring, Intraoral Camera, Intubation Scope, Isolator / Glove Box, Keratometer, Kitchen - General, Lab Analyzer, Lab Computer, Lab - General, Lab Table, Laparoscope, Laryngoscope, Laser - Argon, Laser - Co2, Laser - Copper Bromide, Laser - Diode, Laser - Erbium, Laser - Excimer, Laser - Femto, Laser - Green, Red, Yellow, Laser - Holmium, Laser - KTP, Laser Measurement, Laser Nephlometer, Laser- Q Switch, Laser - YAG, Lensometer, Light Source, Light Utility, Liposuction Unit, Liquid Chromatograph/HPLC, Lithotripter, Lithotripter Mobile, Logic Analyzer, Loupes, Manometry/PH Testing, Medical Bulbs, Medical Clothing / Scrubs, Metal Detector, Microbiology, Microbiology Analyzer, Microkeratome, Microplate Reader, Microscope, Microscope Accessories, Microscope Binocular, Microtome, Modular Building, Modular Vascular Lab, MRI Tools, MRI Trailer (w/o MRI), Multiparameter Monitor, Needlescope, Nerve Stimulator, Network Analyzer, Neurology General, NIBP / SPO2 Testers, NMR, OAE, OB Table, OCT, Oculoplethysmograph, Ocutome, Ophthalmic Laser, Ophthalmology Chair and Stand, Ophthalmology General, Ophthalmoscope, Optical Laboratory, O/R Camera, O/R Chair, O/R Exam light, O/R Instruments, O/R Instruments Power, O/R Instrument Stand, O/R Light, O/R Microscope, O/R OB Table, O/R Table, Oscilloscope, Osmometer, Other, Otolaryngology , Otoscope, Oven - Lab, Oxygenator, Pacemaker, Pacemaker Tester, Pachymeter, Paraffin Dispenser, Patient Simulator, Patternless Edger, Peak Flow Tester, Phacoemulsifier, Phlebology, PH Meter, Phoroptors / Refractors, Physics Tools, Pipetter, Pipetter Diluter, Platelet Counter, Polarizing Microscope, Polygraph, Polysomnograph, Posing Station, Power Booms, Power Supply, Pressure Tester, Printer, Professional Use Chairs/Stools, Prostatron, Pulse Oximeter Tester, Pulse Volume Recorder, Pupillometer, Radiation Meter, Recreational and Fitness Equipment, Refractometer, Refrigerator Freezer, Retinoscope, RF Meter, Rhinolaryngoscope, Robotics, Rotator/Mixer/Rocker, Saccade Testing, Safety Tester, Sample Concentrator, Scale, SCD UNIT, Scope Accessories, Screen, Security X-Ray, Seralyzer, Shipping, Sigmoidoscope, Signal Generator, Sinuscope, Slide Printer, Slides, Slide Stainer, Slide Warmer, Slitlamp, Smoke Evacuator, Solvent Recycler, Spectrophotometer, Spectrum Analyzer, Sphygmomanometer, Spinal Endoscopy, Stainless Steel Items, Sterilizer, Stethoscope, Stirrers, Stress Test, Stretcher, Surge Suppression, Surgical Instruments, Surgical Laser, Surgical Navigation System, Surgical Sink, Surgical Stool, Table Accessories, Television, Temperature/Pressure, Test Monitors / Video, Thermal Imager, Thermometer, Thermometer Probe Cover, Thrombectomy Unit, Thyrimeter, Tissue Flotation Bath, Tissue Phantom, Tissue Processor, Titrator, Tonometer / Tono-Pen, Topographer, Tourniquet System, Training Aids, Trauma Unit, Treadmill, Treatment Cabinet, Tympanometer, Typewriter, Ultrasonic Cleaner, Ultrasonic Washer, Ultrasound Lift, Ultrasound Tools, Uninterruptible Power Supply / UPS, Ureteroscope, Urine Analyzer, Urodynamic System, Urological Instrument, Urological Procedure Table, Urology Suite, Urology Table, Vacuum Equipment, Vacuum Pump, Vaporizer, Ventilator Tester, Video Endoscopy, Video Fluoroscopy, Vintage, Vision Screener, Visual Field Analyzer, Vitrectomy, VNG/ENG Balance, VNG Unit, Volume Tester, Water Bath, X-Ray Service Tools

Services: Parts, New, Used and Rebuilt, Pre-Owned Equip Remarketer, Repair, Maintenance, Service