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Joan Trombetti, Writer | May 04, 2009
SkyCeilings are
authentic illusions of sky
SkyCeilings are authentic illusions of sky displayed in an ultra-thin, toxin-free, energy-efficient system, making them ideal for renovation and retrofit installations.

Sky Factory's EcoSlim LED technology, is an advanced edge-lit lighting system that reduces the required ceiling clearance to less than 3.5 inches (8 cm). The dimmable EcoSlim LED system is free of toxic elements (zero mercury), features high energy-efficiency, maintenance-free longevity (50,000 - 100,000 hour life) and provides beneficial daylight-balanced light.

Because of the thin profile, the image tile is only a quarter-inch below the uniformly illuminated edge-lit light guide. The light source uses less energy and produces a far brighter image than in any other system.

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Mick Kurimski, Sky Factory design engineer, explains, "Other systems attempt to achieve thinness, brightness and uniformity by doubling the lamping and energy consumption and still fail to produce the flawless uniformity of EcoSlim."

EcoSlim Luminous SkyCeilings can be used in virtually any environment. Some common applications include hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, restaurants, spas, gymnasiums, retail stores, offices, conference rooms, classrooms, bedrooms and kitchens. EcoSlim Luminous SkyCeilings are fully compatible with all MRI applications and are ideal for radiation therapy suites. Sealed EcoSlim SkyCeilings are gasketed to prevent contamination of clean environments.

EcoSlim Luminous SkyCeilings trigger the same psycho-physiological relaxation response as an experience of real sky. It can even modify the viewer's subjective experience of vertical space, making enclosed areas feel more open and less claustrophobic.

Evidence Based Design research has shown that authentic illusions of nature such as Sky Factory SkyCeilings alleviate stress, increase comfort, and reduce the use of pain medications in healthcare environments. In the workplace, hospitality and residential environments, these ceilings have been shown to increase productivity and reduce fatigue.

The Sky Factory, LC creates illusions of nature. Classic products include Sky Factory Luminous SkyCeilings, Programmable SkyCeilings and Luminous Virtual Windows. Sky Factory SkyV, launched in January 2009, is the first product in the world to use HD video footage in a simulated skylight structure, allowing viewers to experience the events, moods and movements of nature with
unprecedented realism.

For more information go to http://theskyfactory.com/

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