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Joan Trombetti, Writer | December 17, 2008
Tobias Gilk,
President and MRI
Safety Director,
The American Society of Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) released its fifth management monograph for the benefit of patients and caregivers. This new resource, authored by Tobias Gilk, President and MRI Safety Director for Mednovus, consolidates a number of the safety considerations that facility managers, specialty equipment planners, architects and engineers can influence.

The document combines information that had previously been far-flung, from MRI vendors, industry trade groups, government sources, radiology professional associations and accrediting bodies, into a single unified document intended to inform those involved in MRI equipment planning.

'Designing and Engineering MRI Safety' touches on each of the major physical risk factors, from exposure to cryogenic liquids found inside most clinical MRI systems to the tendency for the normously powerful electromagnets to draw ferromagnetic materials with tremendous force. After identifying the major hazards, the monograph provides elemental design recommendations which can help reduce the risks of accidents and injuries in the MRI suite. These recommendations include establishing line-of-sight control over the entrance to the MRI scanner room, specialized air conditioning layouts, and the use of ferromagnetic detection systems to prescreen persons and equipment approaching the MRI magnet.

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The new monograph is available to ASHE members through the organization's website
www.ashe.org/ashe/products/pubs/mg2008gilk.html. Non-members can read a short excerpt on the MRImetalDetector.com blog page http://mrimetaldetector.com/blog/?p=225 ) or can contact ASHE to inquire about purchasing copies.

The American Society for Healthcare Engineering is a part of the American Hospital Association and is dedicated to the optimization of the healthcare environment.

Mednovus, Inc. is a company that offers ferromagnetic detection equipment for pre- screening in addition to MRI safety consulting.