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ImpediMed Named As Finalist for 2009 Innovation Shootout

Joan Trombetti, Writer | December 16, 2008
ImpediMed Limited
A leading innovator of medical devices, ImpediMed Ltd., has been named a finalist in the 2009 Innovation Shootout, taking place in January in Los Angeles and Silicon Valley.

ImpediMed Limited is a world leader in the development and distribution of medical devices using Bioimpedance Spectroscopy (BIS) technologies for use in the non-invasive clinical assessment and monitoring of human disorders and diseases.

ImpediMed's primary products are a number of medical devices that aid surgeons, oncologists, radiation oncologists and therapists to clinically assess secondary unilateral lymphedema of the arm in female breast cancer survivors. Pre-operative assessment in combination with periodic surveillance can assist medical professionals to detect lymphedema before the onset of visible symptoms, and potentially before the condition progresses to irreversible forms. Irreversible lymphedema can become a lifelong management issue for patients and can significantly impair their quality of life.

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ImpediMed has the first and only US FDA cleared medical device for the clinical assessment, by health care providers, of secondary lymphedema of the arm in female breast cancer patients.

ImpediMed's L-Dex technology utilizes the characteristics of frequency dependent current flow to quantify changes in extra-cellular fluid in the patient's limb. These changes can assist the surgeon and oncologist in clinically assessing patients for the early signs of lymphedema. L-Dex technology is specific for extra-cellular fluid. As fluid accumulates, L-Dex values increase on the L-Dex scale. The device provides an immediate result and is provided with software for tracking changes in patient's L-Dex values over time.

Lymphedema is a condition that can cause significant swelling of the upper and lower extremities due to the build-up of excess lymph fluid. This can occur when the lymphatic system, which is responsible for draining excess fluid from the body, is damaged or altered. In breast cancer patients, this can occur after surgery, such as removal or biopsy of the lymph nodes, and/or radiation therapy. It is estimated that between six and 40 percent of patients with breast cancer develop lymphedema. For some cancer survivors and others at risk, lymphedema can occur years after initial primary treatment, and develop into a condition that can have a serious impact on the overall health and quality of life.

ImpediMed's technology was developed by The Queensland University of Technology and The University of Queensland. The company was formed in late 1999 by The University of Queensland in order to commercialize this technology.

The Innovation Shootout is sponsored by the six State Governments of Australia, each of which chooses a local company that has developed a cutting edge technological advancement as its state finalist. Finalists will give presentations about their companies on January 13th during the Innovation Fast Pitch, taking place at the Business Technology Center, run by the Community Development Commission of the County of Los Angeles. They will then travel to the Bay Area to participate in the Innovation Shootout on January 15th at the Quadras Conference Center in Menlo Park. The winner will be selected by a panel of judges including technology experts, members of the media, and venture capitalists.

All Innovation Shoot Out events are invitation only.