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SHINE Medical Technologies LLC announces rebrand as SHINE Technologies LLC.

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The goal of phase IV is to generate clean, abundant and affordable fusion energy. SHINE believes its achievement of this goal will be built on the strength of its skilled team, including their experience with challenging nuclear technology projects, the breadth of the company's unique technological capabilities, and the experience expected to be gained from operating many powerful fusion systems in the field during phase III.

"We are excited that our new name more clearly reflects our core technological competencies, strong team and long-term ambitions," Piefer said. "SHINE was founded on differentiated technology, and a unique, lean and phased approach to developing nuclear technology. It's great to be telling the world more about the company we've built, with an updated brand that reflects it."

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About SHINE Technologies
SHINE is a nuclear technology company committed to improving the lives of people and the planet. The company is focusing its fusion-based technology initially on advanced industrial imaging and the production of diagnostic and therapeutic isotopes. These isotopes include molybdenum-99, a diagnostic isotope used to diagnose heart disease, cancer, and other conditions, and lutetium-177, a therapeutic isotope that may improve the outcome of some cancer patients when linked to a cell-targeting molecule. SHINE has a long-term strategy to solve some of humanity's biggest problems, including nuclear waste recycling and the production of clean fusion energy, in addition to advanced industrial imaging and medical isotopes, by pursuing our vision for progressively broad and impactful uses of fusion technology. For more information about SHINE, please visit our website at www.shinetechnologies.com.

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