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MR product showcase

September 17, 2021

Beekley Medical
Unmistakable imaging, precise localization
Designed specifically for use in MRI, Beekley Medical’s MR-SPOT® clearly identify areas of interest with a bright and consistent image on all MRI sequences, allowing for unmistakable communication between patient, MRI technologist, and interpreting radiologist

New & Refurbished C-Arm Systems. Call 702.384.0085 Today!

Quest Imaging Solutions provides all major brands of surgical c-arms (new and refurbished) and carries a large inventory for purchase or rent. With over 20 years in the medical equipment business we can help you fulfill your equipment needs

Professional and sanitary, self-adhesive MR-SPOTs are available in two styles and four sizes to suit all your localization needs from small point of view to thoracic spine studies. MR-SPOT tubes provide a sharp distinct image. MR-SPOT packets provide optimum patient comfort and help reduce marker indentation.

ClearShield S-Glass
ETS-Lindgren's latest product development, ClearShield S-Glass uses liquid crystal technology embedded in the window's glass, giving MRI personnel the ability to convert the glass from transparent to opaque with the simple flip of a switch. Switchable Glass offers a dynamic privacy option for windows incorporated directly to the glass, eliminating the need for blinds or ancillary options for covering windows that are difficult to maintain and keep clean from surface infection. ETS-Lindgren's S-Glass delivers a natural, clean appearance, providing privacy when you need it and a clear view when you don't. S-Glass is now available on all ETS-Lindgren windows.

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