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Rakuten and Shimadzu partner on a medical device to be used with the Illuminox platform

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About Shimadzu Corporation
With "Contributing to Society through Science and Technology" as the corporate philosophy and "Realizing Our Wishes for the Well-being of Mankind and the Earth" as the management principle, Shimadzu Corporation operates in various fields such as testing and measuring instruments, medical systems, aircraft equipment, and industrial machinery and equipment. For the development of photoimmunotherapy, Shimadzu has also signed joint development agreements with the National Cancer Institute and the National Cancer Center Hospital East to advance the development of measurement technologies for photoimmunotherapy.

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About Illuminox™ Platform
The Illuminox platform is an investigational platform based on a cancer therapy called photoimmunotherapy, which was developed by Dr. Hisataka Kobayashi and team from the National Cancer Institute in the United States. Rakuten Medical is developing the Illuminox platform as a technology consisting of a drug, device and other related components. The drug component of the platform consists of a targeting moiety conjugated with one or more dyes leading to selective cell surface binding. The device component consists of a light source that locally illuminates the targeted cells with non-thermal light to transiently activate the drug. Pre-clinical data have shown that this activation elicits rapid and selective necrosis of targeted cells through a biophysical process that compromises the membrane integrity of the targeted cells. Therapies developed on Illuminox may also result in local and systemic innate and adaptive immune activation due to immunogenic cell death of the targeted cells and/or the removal of immunosuppressive elements within the microenvironment. Outside of Japan, Illuminox therapies have not yet been approved as safe or effective by any regulatory authority.

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