Konica Minolta to launch new solutions in healthcare IT, X-ray and ultrasound at ECR

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Konica Minolta to launch new solutions in healthcare IT, X-ray and ultrasound at ECR

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | March 04, 2021 Business Affairs
Advances in healthcare IT will be unveiled by Konica Minolta at the European Congress of Radiology Virtual Exhibition from March 3-10. Taking centre stage will be the launch of AeroDR X90, a high-end auto positioning X-ray system, and Sonimage HS2, a premium portable ultrasound device, as well as Exa Enterprise Imaging offering full diagnostic toolsets and viewing capabilities.

Exa Enterprise Imaging offers a diagnostic quality zero footprint universal viewer for DICOM and non-DICOM images, server-side rendering, for fast access to large files, such as 3D mammography, with no prefetching required and cybersecurity with no data transferred to or stored on workstations to minimize unwanted exposure to patient data. Exa offers full diagnostic toolsets and viewing capabilities from any computer including specific viewing toolsets for subspecialties like mammography, cardiology, and orthopaedics.

Konica Minolta’s new X-ray system enables radiography professionals to examine more patients per day and shorten patient wait time by reducing the time to diagnosis, with the user-friendly AeroNAV software. The AeroDR X90 is a highly ergonomically designed system that will use auto-positioning, auto-tracking and auto-stitching to help drive an efficient workflow.

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AeroDR X90 auto stitching functionality reduces patient hold time and speeds up daily workflow. For the full auto stitching operation, up to four images can be stitched together for a long leg and full spine examination. When the patient is on a special stitching trolley, the detector automatically moves to the correct defined positions. The images are acquired just by pressing the X-ray button.

Another attraction for visitors to Konica Minolta’s booth will be the new Sonimage HS2. This Point-of-Care ultrasound system is designed to support a wide range of applications and patient types. Konica Minolta’s advanced technology features provide high resolution image quality and efficient workflow for daily clinical practice.

Sonimage HS2 is the newest member of Konica Minolta’s Sonimage Ultrasound Product Family. Starting from the Premium Portable Ultrasound, Sonimage HS2, to the Real Point of Care Ultrasound, Sonimage MX1, Konica Minolta solutions support all ultrasound specialists and users in all clinical environments. They contribute to real diagnostic confidence and high accuracy during ultrasound-guided interventional procedures.

"Performance Made Easy" is the essence of the concept at the base of all Sonimage solutions, aiming to make the world-class image quality and functionalities easily accessible and intuitive. Dedicated and innovative solutions (like Simple Needle Visualization and Rheumatoid Arthritis Workflow) deliver unique support, to increase confidence during procedures and speed up workflows.

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