Materialise adds LAAO capabilities to Mimics Enlight cardiovascular planning software suite

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Materialise adds LAAO capabilities to Mimics Enlight cardiovascular planning software suite

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | March 02, 2021 Business Affairs
LEUVEN, BELGIUM – March 2, 2021 – Materialise, a global leader in medical 3D printing and planning solutions, has added new technology to support left atrium appendage occlusion (LAAO) procedures to its Mimics Enlight cardiovascular planning software suite. Making it possible to leverage the Mimics Enlight 3D planning technology for this procedure to mitigate risk and improve efficiency.

LAAO is a last resort procedure for atrial fibrillation (AFib) patients, in which the cardiologist inserts a device into the heart to prevent stroke when in AFib. The device shuts off and regulates blood flow from the heart's ill-performing appendage and can reduce the risk of an AFib-related stroke by up to 70 percent.

Each LAAO procedure is unique to the patient's individual anatomy, making procedural planning crucial to the successful implantation of LAAO devices. Accurate measurements during planning are vital for a successful procedure, due to the patients' increased risk for stroke following the initial clotting in the heart's appendage. Mimics Enlight's 3D visualization give physicians an advantage by allowing them to easily and accurately measure the appendage depth and position the closure device. The 3D visualization can give a better appreciation of device position and delivery compared to 2D imaging alone.

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Mimics Enlight is based on the strengths of Materialise's Mimics Innovation Suite, which has helped clinicians produce patient-specific 3D models for more than 20 years. Created in collaboration with Henry Ford Health System in Detroit with Dr. Dee Dee Wang, MD, FACC, Director of Structural Heart Imaging, and leveraging the Henry Ford Innovation Institute's patented workflow, Mimics Enlight is intended to support patient selection and planning for structural heart and vascular therapy. The software is the first of its kind to include consistent methods of taking critical measurements and enables clinicians to reliably plan and screen patients for cardiovascular procedures. 3D printed models and on-screen 3D planning tools are increasingly used in the procedural suite. Pre-procedural planning is essential to increase speed and accuracy during these critical procedures.

"While Materialise Mimics Enlight is not the only structural heart planner on the market for this procedure, we are unique in offering 3D planning technology," said Janelle Schrot, Market Manager Cardiovascular of Materialise Medical. "We give physicians the advantage of working on segmented 3D models rather than relying on 2D images and volume rendering alone. These 3D models provide unique insights into patient anatomy and challenges that the anatomy may present during the procedure. They are a key to success in creating a fast, repeatable process to planning challenging left atrial appendage closures. This combines with our online case sharing portal to improve physician communication and enable even higher utility of the case plan."

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