medQ Inc. removes major barrier to front-desk productivity with new radiology workflow enhancement

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medQ Inc. removes major barrier to front-desk productivity with new radiology workflow enhancement

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | February 19, 2021 Health IT
Plano, TEXAS | February 18, 2021 – medQ Inc, a leading provider of automated imaging workflow solutions, announces new productivity enhancements to imaging teams’ front-desk workflow. Chief among these enhancements is a 100% virtual check-in process that allows patients to “skip the waiting room” and saves the administrators valuable processing time.

“In the past, workflow solutions have only had the hour that the patient is actually at the facility to improve and streamline their experience,” stated Nilesh Kalidas, Head of Development and CTO for medQ. “Now, making the day of the exam more productive and efficient starts several days before the exam, when the patient has the option to confirm their appointment and fill out their check-in paperwork from the comfort of their home.

With the inclusion of eCheck-in, medQ’s signature imaging workflow suite, the Q/ris 3000, further increases its capacity to automate and streamline every step of the front-end imaging workflow.

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Q/ris eCheck-in™ This new virtual check-in procedure, allows patients to submit insurance information, fill out medical history and consent forms, receive exam-specific instruction, get directions to the facility, and notify the front desk of their arrival—all without stepping into the waiting room.

Q/ris Order Entry™ automatically fills in the exam and patient information from orders sent from the referring physician’s EMR and makes that data available universally across the entire enterprise.
Q/ris Front Desk™ streamlines and automates complex scheduling procedures and provides a quick, paperless patient arrival process.

Q/ris Tech Workflow™ auto-populates exam and patient information, including; the DICOM MWL. This solution allows technologists to attach e-worksheets to the PACS images and send DICOM structured data, procedural notes, and dosage notes directly to the radiology team’s reporting solution.

“The point of medQ’s virtual check-in is not only to save the patient time and reduce exposure,” stated Nilesh Kalidas, Head of Development and CTO for medQ. “The point is also to save time for the front desk staff—which is the goal of the Q/ris 3000 as a whole. No scanning, no copying, no duplicate work.”

About medQ Inc:
A leading provider of imaging workflow automation solutions, medQ has been providing practices with enterprise imaging workflow solutions since 1996. With their in-house development team and under the leadership of long-time industry experts, medQ provides hundreds of practices and enterprises with custom, automated workflows that increase productivity, fit their exact clinical needs, and improve patient care.

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