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What were hospital executives focused on in 2020?

John W. Mitchell, Senior Correspondent | February 09, 2021
Business Affairs
From the January/February 2021 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

Their challenges are typical of rural hospitals. With Wichita about an hour away, they have to counter “leakage” of staff to bigger hospitals. They, too, have a payor mix heavily skewed toward Medicare — about a 60 percent payor mix compared to about 20 percent for commercial. He doesn't see costs going down for staffing, pharmaceuticals and brick and mortar. As a result, Hoyt, too, sees a shift of care into the home.

But Hoyt said they have had some wins. For example, the hospital just reopened its orthopedic unit. As part of that project, they added a surgical robot to assist surgeons with precision, which helps reduce length of stay so patients can go home sooner.

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