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Inducing accurately controlled ‘fever’ in tumors to fight cancer

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | December 07, 2020 MRI Rad Oncology Ultrasound

This is extremely important in practice, since each patient and tumor is different, and may even change over time. Furthermore, he designed controllers that enable the optimal treatment of larger tumors than previously possible. The researcher tested these algorithms on a clinical MR-HIFU setup at, and in collaboration with, the University Hospital of Cologne (Germany) using artificial tissue-mimicking models (so-called phantoms) and in real-life in-vivo experiments for large animals, proving that they can be applied successfully in clinics.

This PhD research is an important step towards enabling optimal, safe, and effective hyperthermia treatments for people that suffer from cancer. In fact, clinical trials for MR-HIFU hyperthermia are currently being prepared at the University Hospital of Cologne. This is a true advancement in the medical field, and in turn could drastically improve patients’ chances of recovery from cancer.

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Title of PhD-thesis: Model Predictive Control for MR-guided Ultrasound Hyperthermia in Cancer Therapy. Supervisors: Maurice Heemels, TU/e, Bram de Jager, TU/e. Other main parties involved: University Hospital of Cologne (UKK), Philips Research, Erasmus MC Cancer Institute, Sensius BV, Sennewald GmbH, University Hospital of Munich (LMU). Sponsored by: Dutch Cancer Society (KWF) and Dutch Research Council (NWO)

The thesis has not yet been published, but much of Deenen's PhD work can be found in these papers.

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