VitalConnect announces the launch of VitalPatch RTM, a first-of-its-kind extended Holter technology for cardiac monitoring

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VitalConnect announces the launch of VitalPatch RTM, a first-of-its-kind extended Holter technology for cardiac monitoring

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | November 23, 2020 Cardiology Patient Monitors

As part of the launch of VitalPatch RTM, VitalConnect will monitor patients with its newly formed independent diagnostic testing facility (IDTF). VitalConnect's cardiac monitoring center will consist of nationally certified cardiographic and rhythm analysis technicians that will oversee patients' continuous ECG and physiological data. The team will be enabled with proprietary, FDA-cleared artificial intelligence (AI) developed by Cardiologs Technologies to support timely and accurate analysis of ECG data. Upon completion of a patient’s monitoring period, VitalConnect will provide prescribing physicians with a concise, clinically actionable, and comprehensive final report.

Founded in 2011, VitalConnect has deployed more than 100,000 patches across the world, including care facilities such as Hackensack Medical Center, Northwell Health, and John Radcliffe Hospital-Oxford University. The VitalPatch allows real-time remote or in-hospital monitoring, cardiac monitoring and a solution for monitoring patients with COVID-19, allowing physicians to monitor patients without necessarily taking up bed space needed for patients with more immediate needs and limiting exposure for patients and staff.

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About VitalConnect, Inc.
VitalConnect is a leader in wearable biosensor technology for wireless patient monitoring in both hospital and remote patient populations. VitalConnect leverages extensive expertise in biomedical engineering, data analytics, chip design, and mobile and cloud software to create technology that supports decision-making paradigms that achieve better health and economic outcomes. VitalConnect’s products are designed for use in a broad range of inpatient and outpatient settings, such as hospital monitoring, post-discharge care, cardiac monitoring and pharmaceutical solutions.

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