COVID's influence on neurology drives need for disposable technologies

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COVID's influence on neurology drives need for disposable technologies

November 30, 2020

Time management – Once a patient’s head is measured, headsets with pre-gelled and fixed electrodes can reduce the time-consuming electrode placement process. When assessing COVID patients and other emergent cases, every second counts and doctors need to react quickly to any suspected neurological events to determine their cause and identify treatment courses. Commercially available EEG headsets can pair with encephalographs and amplifiers of EEG signals, require approximately five minutes of set-up time and are capable of delivering results in a total of 20 minutes, on average. Cutting down the time it takes to prepare a patient for an EEG means doctors can receive results faster and take more informed action to address symptoms and their underlying causes.

Infection control – In this COVID environment, medical equipment needed to perform an EEG requires sanitation between uses. Disposable EEG headsets enable healthcare professionals to continue to administer crucial tests and receive reliable results without losing time between cases for cleaning equipment or risking transmission through shared devices.

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Disposable EEG headsets are an efficient and cost-effective solution that should be integrated into the standard-of-care across healthcare facilities to enable faster and more reliable identification and analysis of neurological conditions in emergent patients, during the pandemic and moving forward.

About the author: Stuart Bernstein is vice president of marketing at Brain Scientific, a commercial-stage healthcare company providing next-gen solutions to the neurology market.

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