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Mai Hiraoka, Media Relations Manager | November 29, 2020
From the November 2020 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

Lead-Free X-Ray Protective Apron

The Radionex Lead-Free X-Ray Protective Aprons meet the highest level of protective material and standards. They are available in four styles, 0.35mm/0.5mm Pb and six colors. X-Ray Protective Aprons should have a high degree of robustness to ensure long-term protection and safety. Improper storage and other external forces can drastically reduce or destroy the protective effect of substandard inner core material. The Radionex Aprons have been designed with the following performance parameters: high tear resistance, resistance to UV/Ozone, good temperature resistance, resistance to kinking and aging which combined will ensure a long lifetime of the apron.

New & Refurbished C-Arm Systems. Call 702.384.0085 Today!

Quest Imaging Solutions provides all major brands of surgical c-arms (new and refurbished) and carries a large inventory for purchase or rent. With over 20 years in the medical equipment business we can help you fulfill your equipment needs

InfoView Asset
Management, Philips

With Philips InfoView, you can manage the lifecycle of all your clinical assets through standardized data, guided service work-orders, and automated reporting. New features and service solutions include inventory auditing, parts procurement, equipment distribution and built-in IT data to help you assess cybersecurity risks. Our scalable, cloud-based solution helps you manage your data driven insights with ease, efficiency and savings.

DA200Ultra CT Replacement Tube

This 6.3 MHU CT tube is specifically designed for use as a CT replacement tube on the GE Bright- Speed™, GE Discovery™, GE Lightspeed™ and GE Optima™ CT scanners.* Dunlee is certain about the tube`s reliability that this tube provides a 12-month, full warranty. Dunlee CT replacement tubes are Made in USA with imported parts and stocked in North America for prompt and efficient delivery.

*The products listed may be trademarks of the OEM. For the latest information regarding the compatibility, please see our actual cross-reference guide at dunlee.com

DA200P40+LMB CT Replacement Tube

This 7.0 MHU LMB CT tube with Dunlee CoolGlide™ technology is specifically designed for use as a replacement tube on the GE Revolution™ Evo and Optima™ 660 CT scanners*. CoolGlide™ liquid metal bearing technology was developed and is manufactured in Germany. Final tube manufacturing and assembly takes place in Illinois, USA in order to provide fast delivery and service.

*The products listed may be trademarks of the OEM. For the latest information regarding the compatibility, please see our actual cross-reference guide at dunlee.com

Swissray ddRAura™ OTC RT
Swissray Customer Care

The ddRAura™ OTC RT is designed to provide fast and flexible digital imaging in the demanding environment of a busy radiography department or imaging facility. Featuring Swissray’s exclusive APS – Automated Positioning System, it is a multifunctional and fully automated digital radiography system with motorized ceiling suspension, a rolling table, a smart wall stand and autotracking detector with removable grids. The Matrix, a floor mounted support structure, is a seamless solution which allows the freedom of movement of a fully suspended Overhead Tube Crane system for rooms without Unistrut. RSNA Special – Save $25,000!

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