Bayer launches Understand Your Density campaign in partnership with HealthyWomen

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Bayer launches Understand Your Density campaign in partnership with HealthyWomen

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | October 08, 2020 Women's Health
WHIPPANY, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Bayerhas collaborated with HealthyWomen, America's independent leader in women’s health education, on Understand Your Density, a national initiative to help women understand their own breast density and breast screening needs. The program aims to provide women over age 40 who have dense breasts with the information needed to ask their healthcare provider (HCP) if supplemental breast cancer screening beyond a standard mammogram may be necessary for them. Nearly half of all women age 40 and older who get mammograms are found to have dense breasts.1

As part of the initiative, Bayer will be launching a quiz on to help women test their breast density knowledge, educate themselves on what that may mean for their breast cancer screening needs and encourage them to speak with their HCP. It is important for women to understand their own breast density, as having dense breasts may make cancer more difficult to detect on a mammogram and can put women at a twofold risk of breast cancer compared to those with non-dense breasts.3,4

“In women with dense breasts, which appears as mostly fibrous or glandular tissue with just a little fatty tissue, mammography alone might not be enough to detect breast cancer and they may need additional screening such as breast MRI or ultrasound,” said Beth Battaglino, R.N., CEO of HealthyWomen. “We’re excited to partner with Bayer on this important initiative designed to help women better understand their breast density, which in turn can help provide them with the information needed to discuss supplemental screening options with their healthcare providers.”

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Despite many decades of mammogram screening, breast cancer is still the second leading cause of cancer death in women and approximately 42,170 Americans are expected to die of breast cancer in 2020.5,6 Understand Your Density is part of Bayer’s ongoing commitment to increase awareness of the impact dense breasts may have on breast cancer detection and diagnosis. The quiz asks users a variety of questions regarding their breast density and recent screening procedures, encourages them to speak with their HCP and provides links to more information about breast health.

Other resources may also be found on HealthyWomen’s breast health education microsite, The site includes information on general breast health, breast density, screening guidelines, breast cancer (including metastatic and triple negative), and genetic testing. The site also features women sharing their breast cancer stories, questions to ask yourself and your HCP, and links to HealthyWomen’s partner associations and organizations focused on breast health, breast cancer, and overall breast awareness. Women should always consult their HCP on their individual medical needs.

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