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Q&A with Dolan Dalpoas, CEO of Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital

Sean Ruck, Contributing Editor | July 21, 2020
From the July 2020 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

We’ve partnered with the schools in a number of ways. One is through the CATCH Program which is the Coordinated Approach to Child Health. Most recently, we partnered with the largest school system in Lincoln and worked with them and a third party to transition their kitchens from processed foods to from-scratch cooking. To provide context, that’s five kitchens, serving in the range of 300,000+ meals to kids. We launched that last summer with the goal of being close to 100 percent by spring semester of 2020. Then COVID hit and schools shut down. But we hope to pick that back up in the fall. That’s about trying to teach kids about the difference between a go food and a slow food, and develop nutrient-dense palates to help reduce the likelihood of obesity and other chronic conditions when they get older.

We’re also in the middle of partnering with the local YMCA to potentially construct a new facility to again promote exercise and wellness and health.

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