Q&A with AHRMM chair Dee Donatelli

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Q&A with AHRMM chair Dee Donatelli

Sean Ruck, Contributing Editor | July 28, 2020
From the July 2020 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

HCB News: The annual conference was rescheduled from a live event to a virtual event (to be held in September) — what can you tell readers about the virtual event?
DD: The healthcare supply chain community is excited to take on the “new normal”, and AHRMM’s virtual event will lead the way. We are optimistic that we will reach a wider healthcare supply chain audience regardless of time, location, travel bans or gathering restrictions. I have only missed one conference in 30 years. While an in-person conference is unquestionably something AHRMM members look forward to each year, this virtual event will lead to a new way to network and connect with even more of our colleagues. The potential is limitless and people from across the world can join instantly!

HCB News: What are you most looking forward to at this virtual event?

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DD: Now I can attend ALL of the sessions and events versus just the ones that I choose during a two- or three-day conference. I can attend at my own pace and listen to speakers on-demand as it works with my schedule.

HCB News: What tools, training and technology do you think will best assist the healthcare supply chain professional of the future?
DD: Technology is paramount in a “new normal” healthcare supply chain. We now have center stage in our organizations and the focus to enhance many manual or outdated inventory management and contracting practices. How do we assure that our staff can work effectively remotely? Being an advocate of the value analysis process, how do we make better-informed decisions virtually?

Lessons learned and roadmaps for success become increasingly valuable. We do not need to recreate the wheel; we can network through AHRMM to learn from our peers and enhance the success of the healthcare supply chain process through leading best practices. That is what AHRMM is about!

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