P-Cure secures CE Marking for image guided positioning system, part of its 360° gantry-less adaptive proton therapy solution

P-Cure secures CE Marking for image guided positioning system, part of its 360° gantry-less adaptive proton therapy solution

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April 6 2020: P-Cure Ltd (Shilat, Israel), a developer and supplier of the comprehensive 360°-gantry-less adaptive proton therapy solution, announced that the European Parliament approved the CE marking for the P-ARTIS System enabling the company to market and sell the product in Europe. The P-ARTIS System is a vital development for enhanced patient treatment and is part of the newly developed full P-Cure proton therapy system currently being submitted for FDA clearance.

P-ARTIS is the only 360°-gantry-less image guided positioning system that enables planning and performs accurate image guided positioning of patients in the seated position for radiation therapy in general, and proton therapy in particular. The unique system for the first time brings to market a solution that allows for virtually limitless use of proton therapy in a gantry-less, compact configuration that fits into any radiation oncology department reducing the capital and operating costs. The solution includes an in-room vertical 4D CT, real time x-ray, robotic Six Degrees of Freedom positioning, and software that orchestrates the integrated operation of the patient-centric system.

Use of P-ARTIS 360°-gantry-less solution significantly enhances the possibility of bringing the benefits of proton therapy to patients around the world. The availability of proton therapy is severely limited because of the high capital costs, resulting in its being available to less than one percent of patients who could potentially benefit from it. According to Michael Marash, P-Cure CEO, “The P-Cure System will expand the availability

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of proton therapy with improved clinical outcomes to all cancer care institutions. By using our system, more healthcare providers will be able to integrate the technology, and more patients will gain access to this life saving technology. For the first time, the P-Cure System will substantially reduce the cost and size of a single room or multi-room expandable center, and dramatically reduce the time from planning to treatment.”

Use of P-ARTIS 360°-gantry less, full body solution is a paradigm shifting change from the current method of treatment with the patient in the horizontal position. “The benefits of treating patients in a seated position include greater patient comfort, less internal organ movement, better saliva drainage and a better position for breathing for asthmatic and other patients experiencing impaired breathing. It may also deliver less collateral radiation to sensitive organs while enabling greater accuracy in proton beam delivery,” said Dr. Marash.

About P-Cure
P-Cure is the innovative provider of a compact 360°-gantry-less, full body proton therapy solutions for better clinical effectiveness of proton therapy at a fraction of the current capital and operating costs. P-Cure continues to develop advanced solutions with a focus on adaptive therapy and real time motion management. P-Cure’s first product was cleared by the FDA in 2010addressing the unmet clinical needs in North America, China, and Europe. P-Cure works both with the existing and new cancer centers to establish advanced proton therapy capabilities.

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