Five facts about mobile diagnostic reading in radiology

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Five facts about mobile diagnostic reading in radiology

April 02, 2020
Health IT Telemedicine

4. Enhanced job satisfaction, reduced burn out, better collaboration
The option of reading for different hospitals and imaging centers- from the comfort of their home office if they so choose, enables radiologists to cut down onsite days. High cost urban centers can push clinicians further from the center creating long commutes contributing to job dissatisfaction, burnout and turnover. Remote reading from a home office can, for the first time, address this problem and also enable more collaborate with colleagues inside or outside of the physical hospital location.

5. All In one viewer, display and server aboard iPad Pro

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Recent advancements in remote reading have progressed since the FDA approved remote reading and diagnostics. A new, iOS-based mobile display solution has been introduced converting iPad Pro into a standalone viewer, display, and server- all in one through a UDE (Ubiquitous Diagnostic Environment) application. This integrates AI, an extendable reporting system, and medical image data from a PACS server or modality can be directly transmitted to an iPad Pro via DICOM communication for display and storage. A user, while away from traditional a workstation, can create a compact mobile workstation by deploying the UDE App to a pair of iPad Pros with a laptop and leverage its viewer mode function. The advancement of this versatile application facilitates communication of clinical information and overcomes traditional workstation barriers for the best possible outcome.

The pace of change in this area of radiology is astounding. Rather than threatening radiologists, it’s offering them greater range of work possibilities that enhance their professional and personal lives. That includes allowing them to work longer and with greater professional satisfaction, and to live and work where they want, and even when. The most conservative traditionalist among us in the field would have to agree that this is a revolution they can live with, and thrive in.

* Use of Rad@ for Mammography is strictly “Review Only” in the United States

About the author: William Pan is CEO of EBM Technologies

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