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Keeping COVID-19 a non-factor

February 27, 2020
Emergency Medicine Patient Monitors Telemedicine

Having this type of electronic connection to all patients also means physicians could reach out directly to all their patients to provide quality, reliable information rather than risking patients getting poor information through random Internet searches. It could be the healthcare equivalent of an “Amber Alert” or the messages many municipalities are implementing to warn their citizens about impending dangers or concerns. Only rather than sending disembodied texts or robocalls, it could be the patients’ own physician issuing a voice or video message and education.

This proactive approach from a trusted source would enable patients to prepare for and avoid threats more effectively rather than having to react to them after the fact.

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Minimizing the threat
The technology of today has been very effective in containing the coronavirus in the U.S. Hopefully it continues to do so and helps bring the threat under control throughout the world. But we have only begun to scratch the surface.

In the future, we will use technology to become even more adept at avoiding coronavirus-level epidemics – and improve our health on a daily basis as well.

About the author: Robin Hill is the chief clinical officer at Vivify Health.

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