AMPS expands leadership team with industry experts in healthcare cost containment

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AMPS expands leadership team with industry experts in healthcare cost containment

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"Over the last few years, the cost of health insurance and healthcare has risen dramatically for employers and their employees," said Mr. Fallbacher. "It is clear the path the U.S. is on is unsustainable. AMPS' entire reason for being is to reverse that trend and help make healthcare fair and affordable for everyone. We have developed unique solutions and have now assembled a team of outstanding professionals to help us bring those solutions to all who need them. When I look at the talent we now have on our leadership team I can't help but get excited for the future, and I believe our clients will as well. We are excited for our team to bring years of experience to help even more organizations and individuals contain their costs at every level throughout the healthcare industry."

About AMPS

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Advanced Medical Pricing Solutions (AMPS) provides market leading healthcare cost containment services for self-funded employers, public entities, brokers, TPAs, and reinsurers. AMPS mission is to help clients attain their goals of reducing healthcare costs while keeping members satisfied with quality healthcare benefits. AMPS leverages 15 years of experience in auditing and pricing medical claims to deliver "fair for all" pricing both pre-care and post-care. AMPS offers innovative dashboards and analytics to provide clients with insights based on Plan performance. Learn more at

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